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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

STD Foundation Classes - PowerBuilder Cryptographic Example

** Hot News **

Microsoft Cryptographic Application Example!

    Software Tool & Die are please to announce a new Cryptographic example application ...

   The Cryptographic application utilizes standard Microsoft encryption providers supplied by the MS-Windows O/S. You can select the target provider mechanism to give you the desired encryption scheme. The cryptographic example application will apply the selected encryption mechanism on in memory text or on an external file as well.

     The example application will now also work with Appeon Web 2015. So you can utilize the standard Microsoft encryption schemes in a web browser application using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari or Chrome.

     Click here to download the example application source code!

Note: The example is written in PB v12.1. You can just migrate it to PB 12.5.x or 12.6 to use it in either one of these PowerBuilder releases as well.

Enjoy .... Chris

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