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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PowerBuilder - Windows Explorer

** Hot News **

Windows O/S Explorer

    Software Tool & Die Inc. is please to announce the release of its new MS-Windows O/S System Explorer utility all written in PowerBuilder Classic! This utility demonstrates the power of using the STD Integrated Framework plus MS-Windows SDK calls to locate every running application, process, service, etc running in the entire operating system.

Win32 native version of WinExplorer!

     This release is also already ready for deployment as a Web Browser based application utilizing the Appeon Web software. With the combination of the STD Integrated  Framework plus Appeon - the MS-Windows Explorer application will now function in either the Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox, Safari or Chrome web browser.

IE Web Browser version of the Windows Explorer!

     Unlock the "Power" in PowerBuilder and download this free PB Classic utility application. Check out the prowess of the Integrated framework assisting the Windows Explorer application - click here to download!

Enjoy ... Chris

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