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Monday, January 2, 2017

PowerBuilder Classic - Script Commenter

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STD Foundation Classes

New Script Commenter Application released!

     Software Tool & Die Inc. today are very pleased to announce a new Script Commenter application for the PowerBuilder Classic IDE built from the latest STD Integrated Framework (release: October 2016) ...

Example of the Code Commenter at work!

         The STD Script Commenter is a significant enhancement to the way a PB developer works (productivity) by easily allowing code comments to be added to any object classes PowerScipt! The Script Commenter is based on the original commenter application by R.C. Sizer but has been totally refactored.

    The Script Commenter is designed to work with any Unicode version of PowerBuilder (v10.0 through 12.6). It can be activated in any PB IDE by creating a toolbar short-cut icon and assigning to the EXE as follows:

app path\ScriptCommenter.exe  header
  - or -
app path\ScriptCommenter.exe  block


    The values added as a header or block comment are located in the "Comment_Block.ini" file. This file can built based on the values found in the "Comment_Template.ini" file and is customizable by the PB developer!

    You can download the STD Script Commenter application from the STD Framework's website by clicking here!


Regards ... Chris


  1. Is the commenter aware of the function or event you are editing?

  2. Hi Jeff!

    Yes, the Commenter will work while working on Functions or Events. :-)

  3. Hi Spiral ... Unfortunately, the Script Commenter is tuned to the PB IDE which in both cases is Unicode based. PB version 9 and below is ANSI based. Hopefully, you'll be upgrading soon to Appeon PB 2017 ( I'll have the Script Commenter ready soon for this new release coming soon.

  4. Thumbs up.....

    Would be superb to have a mass update for legacy code(Functions/Events)....

  5. Hi Don ... Thank you for the suggestion! That is an interesting idea. For legacy code reverse engineering & documentation though - you might like to have a look at VisualExpert (