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Sunday, February 10, 2019

STD Integrated Framework - PowerBuilder 2017R3/2019 BASE64 Example

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STD Foundation Classes

Updated BASE64 Example Application released!


     Software Tool & Die Inc. today are very pleased to announce an updated Base64 Encoding / Decoding example application for Appeon PowerBuilder that was built from the latest STD Integrated Framework (version 2019.1.0.124 released on 2019-02-06) and the newest Appeon PB2017R3 MR01 release (build 1880) ...

Native PB App using framework's Base64

     Base64 encoding and decoding is a critical  feature when processing XML and JSON files that contain binary datum. As well as using PowerBuilder's PBDOM feature, an XML DataWindow or interacting with Web Services that pass binary data back and forth (ie: JSON in a RESTFul web service). The received binary data will be in base64 encoded format - which is unusable to your PB application unless decoded (converted back) to its original binary state. Conversely, binary data that your PB application needs to send to other XML or JSON based applications must be converted (encoded) into the base64 standard.
STD Frameworks Base64 running as a PowerServer Web application!

    The Base64 Example application utilizes standard Microsoft Base64 API's supplied by the MS-Windows O/S. These API's are now embedded in the framework's "nc_crypto_master" object class and easily called from your PowerScript code, as follows:
  • lo_crypto.of_base64_stringtobinary ( lblb_image , ls_base64 )

    The Base64 Example - along with the STD Integrated Framework is also able be used with PowerServer Web applications. Thus, the Base64 Example application can also be deployed to your favourite Web Browser using PowerServer. The nc_crypto_master has also been ported to the STD Web Service framework so you can now use the Base64 functionality in a PB built web services as well!

    You can download the Base64 Example application from the STD Framework's website by clicking here! You can also download either of the free open source STD frameworks for PowerBuilder, PowerServer and Web Services by clicking here!


Regards ... Chris

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