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Thursday, January 13, 2011


** Finally, an intelligent reporting system! **

    Here is a cool product called myDBR that now works with Sybase's ASE or SQL Anywhere DBMS that meets your corporate reporting needs head-on!  myDBR is an enterprise ready web-based reporting system that scales from personal database reporting tool to enterprise business intelligence system. Creating and maintaining reports with myDBR is fast, fun, and productive.

   myDBR builds upon report networks, where you can easily link reports together, producing full report browsing result for the end user. Report network feature decreases the amount of work needed for building a complete reporting environment. 

New features include:

    * Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise support
    * Sybase SQL Anywhere support
    * SQL Server 2000 support
    * Preferences to mobile users
    * New command dbr.rownum for easy result set row numeration
    * Default size of SQL Editor can not be set
    * Premium license holders can now check report's user/group permissions at one glance
    * Admin-only folders now have a distinct icon


    * Improved mobile user interface
    * Active Directory changes to include users with no groups
    * Fixed a problem when with different date formats in popups
    * Turned off caches to improve accuracy of subsequest seaches in autocomplete parameters
    * Missing REQUEST_URI no longes causes problems with IIS servers
    * Graphviz charts now follows the always_use_link_menu-default
    * Internet Explorer fixes

For more information, please visit the myDBR website!

Regards ... Chris

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