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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New STD CD Player released!

** Hot News **

New version of the PowerBuilder CD player released!

Built from the STD Integrated framework!


    This release of the CD Player is written in PowerBuilder 12.1 (build 6518) and encompasses some interesting features that you can coax out of the Windows operating system. The application can be deployed as either a Win32 or Appeon Web application and allows the user to control music from any CD/DVD player attached to their PC.

    The amazing change to this release is the complete refactoring of the original code to dovetail into the STD Integrated Framework! The task of taking a non-framework application and retrofitting it into the STD Integrated Framework took less than 30 minutes. All the Windows and control were edited in "Source Code" mode an re-inherited to a framework base or abstract class. The main challenge was refactoring the original menu to inherit from the complex compound STD Integrated Framework menu that took the most refactoring effort. Once done, the CD player worked first time!

     Not only is this a "kool" application to run natively, by utilizing Appeon's unique Web software architecture - it demonstrates important low-level control within a web browser. You can not do this single code line application with other tools like Visual Studio, Delphi, or even with PB's old WebForms feature. When you add Appeon to the PB development mixture - a whole new horizon of possibilities emerges! 

    If you would like to enjoy the Native or Web version of the above CD Player application, please visit the SourceForge website and the STD-Foundation-Classes project. Then select "All Files" to drill down to the "Applications" => "PowerBuilder" => "CD Player" section. All the applications and framework code in the SourceForge project is free & open source.

  To commemorate the release of the new Star Wars movie arriving later in 2015, the CD Player has been enhanced with various sound effects that salute this great storyline & movie franchise. I hope that you enjoy the new Star-wars theme!

You seek a PowerBuilder Master.
Know him I do,
Find him I will!
Hmmm .. you seek Chris Pollach

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