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Sunday, October 6, 2019

STD Integrated Framework - PowerBuilder 2019 Multi-Threading Example!

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PowerBuilder 2019 - Multi-threading Example!

    Software Tool & Die Inc. (STD) are please to announce the release of an updated STD Integrated Framework example application that utilizes the framework to implement multi-threading! The multi-threading feature inside PowerBuilder has been around since version 5.0 when the Distributed PB feature was first introduced. However, it is not a well documented and known feature of the development tool. The STD Multi-threading example goes even further by allowing applications to utilize the vast resources of Integrated framework taking multi-threading to a higher functional level. The framework allows the PB developer to easily implement multi-threading and be more productive at the same time!
    The updated Multi-threading example application now utilizes the STD Integrated Framework (version 2019.4.0.141 released on 2019-09-30) and the newest Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 release (build 2082).

Note: The STD Framework is the only PB framework in existence that is both thread aware and multi-thread safe!

    The Integrated framework allows each thread to be monitored by the frameworks performance dialogue, write to the O/S Console, log a message in the main tread's application log, share DBMS access, send messages back & forth between threads or between the main thread and its sub-threads, introspect the O/S, etc - just to name a few interesting aspects. Messages may also now be written to the MS-Windows Event Log and Debug logs as well from each sub-thread!

  The STD multi-threaded PowerBuilder example application can now be downloaded from the SourceForge website. Please click here to download & enjoy!

Regards ... Chris

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