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Monday, November 25, 2019

STD Integrated Framework - PowerBuilder 2019 External Files Example!

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PowerBuilder 2019 - External Files Example!


    Software Tool & Die Inc. (STD) are please to announce the new release of an STD Integrated Framework example application that utilizes the framework to implement External File Drag & Drop! The ability to drag & drop into a PowerBuilder application via the STD Framework has been feature for almost a decade. However, there was not a detailed example on how to perform this action except in the OrderEntry example application. The STD framework implements this by allowing the PB Developer to just set one property, coding one event and then directing the file name data to any standard native PB control!
    The External File Drag & Drop example application utilizes the STD Integrated Framework (version 2019.5.0.142 "beta" release) and the newest Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 release (build 2082) to locate external files dragged into any PB Application. In turn, the framework facilitates identifying external files coming into a PB application. This latest framework now also detects if the PB App is running in "ADMIN Mode" as well. This is important because external file drag & drop cannot be performed while the application is in that mode.
A list of External Files can be directed to any PB control!

    The Integrated framework allows the PB developer to enable the External Files Drag & Drop by just setting one property. The PB developer then just needs to code one event to handle the external file drop, as follows:
Three easy steps a) Property ON, b) Code framework event, c) Use function to get file names!

     The STD External File Drag & Drop PowerBuilder example application can now be downloaded from the SourceForge website. Please click here to download & enjoy!

Regards ... Chris

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