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Monday, September 12, 2016

Installable Web Applications

Hi Everyone;

    Here is another interesting new feature in the Appeon 2016 product released on September 9, 2016 - called the Installable Web Application or IWA for short! The IWA feature is automatically available when you upgrade your Appeon Server to the 2016 release. Once your PowerBuilder application has been deployed to the Appeon Server as a Web Application, you can now also deploy this directly to an MS-WIndows desktop user. The deployed IWA application runs like a locally installed WIn32 application. The benefits of an IWA are:
  • The deployment of your Appeon Web app should be more straightforward and reliable as you eliminate a key environment dependency
  • No longer require configuration of the Web browser plug-in.
  • IWAs are easier to launch since they are resident on the user’s machine and have shortcuts.
  • In terms of performance, response times are similar to the web browser model but IWAs will consume less client-side memory.

    Before you deploy the IWA application, you can complete the new IWA properties found in the Appeon Developer tool that is integrated with the PowerBuilder IDE, as follows:

  Once the IWA properties are completed, you can simply install the IWA from you web browser, as follows: http:////IAWRunner.html. The IAW Runner application will install like a any Set-up.exe into the client machine and become a launcher for your PB based IWA application. For example ...

      =>        => 

When you update the PowerBuilder application on the Appeon Server, all the IWA desktop deployments are automatically updated as well the next time they start!

And basically, that's IWA in a nutshell! 

Regards ... Chris

Friday, September 2, 2016

Appeon Mobile - Split Screen

** Hot News **

   While testing the new Appeon 2016 product's Appeon Work Space (AWS) installation on my mobile devices, I was also able to these this the new Android O/S release 7.0. There is an interesting feature of the new Droid 7.0 O/S known as the Split View (Screen) feature. This means that you can have two mobile applications displayed and interact with them simultaneously. To my delight, the new Appeon 2016 AWS worked the first time I tested this new Android feature!

  Using the new Split View mode is a little non-intuitive though. So here are the steps you need to use:

1) Open up any Android application - like the Web Browser for example.
2) Press and hold the Recent Apps (minimize) button for at least 2-3 seconds.
3) A split request dialog will appear.
4) Now press (tap) the Home button.
5) Launch AWS (or any other application) and start a mobile PB application.
6) Now ... Enjoy split mode!

Example of Browser & AWS running a mobile PB application in split mode ...

  (Actual PB 12.6 mobile application on my Nexus 9 tablet in Split mode)

Note: Once in split mode, you can swap out any number of applications in the split area.

Regards ... Chris

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Appeon 2016 - Product Release (2016/09/09)

** Hot News **

Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016 ...

Scheduled to release on September 9, 2016!

Appeon Website

   Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016 is a major release of the product that adds numerous new features to both the Web and Mobile targets, an expanded software environment compatibility and support for additional PowerBuilder features. The new release also focuses on further improving the user productivity and simplifying deployment.

  Feature Highlights

PowerBuilder Feature Enhancement

  • InkPicture control. OpenUserObject function of UserObject.
  • Accessing data in JSON format.
  • OLEStorage & OLEStream objects (Web target only).


  • Installable Web Application.  Appeon Web applications can now be installed and run without a Web browser, avoiding cumbersome configuration issues and streamlining access.
  • Easy Mobile Deployment.  Both AWS & mobile apps can be instantly installed to the mobile device by scanning an application - specific QR code.
  • Upgrading for Mobile. The run-time for AWS and standalone mobile apps are now automatically updated as long as  users are managed by the Appeon Server.
  • Enhanced Data Source Management. More built-in functions are available to better facilitate the management of data sources on the .NET platform, including creating, deleting, and modifying data sources.
  • Installation Dependency Checking.  The product setup program will automatically check the environment and report any required components that are missing.

Mobile Specific Enhancements

  • Print Functions for Android.  Print functions like Print, PrintBitMap, Print DataWindow, etc. are now available for your use on Android, in addition to printing on iOS.
  • Apache Cordova Plugins.   Enrich your mobile apps with the vast library of Apache Cordova Plugins, which are easily accessible via simple PowerScript APIs.
  • Enhanced Mobile UX.  Additional APIs are provided to give developers more control over the mobile UX, for example, setting the keyboard type in EditMasks and DataWindows.

Software Environment Compatibility

  • Microsoft Edge. In addition to Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, now your Web apps can be accessed via the new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10.
  • WildFly 10. Appeon Server is now compatible with the new WildFly 10 as well as JBoss EAP 6.0.1/6.4.
  • EJB 3.x. Appeon Server is now compatible with EJB 3.x specifications on all certified Java EE application servers.
  • PostgreSQL. Your Web and mobile targets can now take advantage of PostgreSQL, which has a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness.
  • Expanded Support for IBM DB2.  Your Web and mobile targets can now take advantage of IBM DB2 on the .NET platform

Regards ... Chris

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Appeon PowerBuilder - Low-Level RoadMap!

** Hot News **

PowerBuilder Low-Level RoadMap!

   The recorded webinar from the July 28, 2016 webinar is now available online for your viewing pleasure!


You can view the recorded video by clicking here.

Note: You must have an Appeon account to view the video. If you do not have an account, you can create one for free.


Regards ...Chris Pollach