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Friday, November 26, 2010

ISUG - PB12 Benefit Update

** Update on PowerBuilder 12 Benefit **

   ISUG has announced that Sybase is now releasing orders for their Powerbuilder 12 member benefit.  If you have ordered this benefit, and you have correctly submitted your signed license form, you may have already received your download instructions or you'll be receiving them shortly.

   ISUG have identified some issues with this process and are taking steps with Sybase to try and reduce the turn-around time significantly.  They definitely understand the frustration and did not originally anticipate it taking this long to fulfill this membership benefit.  The good news is that ISUG and Sybase appear to now be getting over the hump and are expecting a much smoother process moving forward from this point.

   Please note that Sybase is rejecting a few signed license forms.  In order to meet auditor requirements, if your license form contains your company name, then your ISUG email address must be your company email address in the form  If your ISUG email address does not match, but you have a company email address ISUG can make that change very easily.  If you do not, ISUG will need to get a new signed license form from you without your company name. ISUG will be contacting any members whose licenses are rejected to get straightened out ASAP.


PS: So renew or sign-up for an ISUG green or gold membership today and take advantage of your PB benefit - plus ... enter into a draw to win a "kool" iPad!
PPS: Also, check out the ISUG blogs and their new e-learning initiatives for PowerBuilder and ASE!

Regards ... Chris

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