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Thursday, February 24, 2011

PB.NET Debugger

  ** Hot News **
"Kool" Webinar Coming!

    One great feature of the new PowerBuilder .NET IDE is the .NET debugger. Join Sybase for the webcast "Fun with the PowerBuilder .NET Debugger" on Wednesday March 2, 2011 (1-2pm Eastern) to learn more.

    The presentation will feature some cool and powerful new features that PowerBuilder can now
leverage via the Visual Studio shell. You host - John Strano - will be covering topics such as:
  • Debugger advantages with the VS Isolated Shell
  • Drag and drop breakpoint locations
  • Variable Watch window
  • TipWatch
  • Conditonal breakpoints on specific variable values and number of loop
  • iterations (Hit counts)
  • Conditionally printing to an output log
  • Running to a specified function on the call stack
  • Stepping into, through and out of C#!

  For more information on PowerBuilder 12 please visit

Regards ... Chris

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