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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take PB to the Web, Mobile & More!

Do you want to go to the Web? Embrace Java or .NET?
    Your client/server applications work well, and you have invested a lot in them but you need to keep up with the times and move your applications to the Web. So you may wonder “What should we do? Do we really need to junk our existing applications? Retrain our developers? Hire new guys who know nothing about our business?”If that’s the case, take a look at Appeon for PowerBuilder
  • Migrate your PB code to a web-based application, for a fraction of the cost of a full re-write in .Net or Java.
  • Developments remain in PowerBuilder: no need to change or retrain the developers.
    The PB code is automatically converted to .NET or Java during deployment.
  • The Web User Interface is identical to the Client/Server one:
    Users keep the same interface they are already comfortable with.
  • Impressive performance for complex and demanding screens.
  • Allows for rich client-side integration (Microsoft Office, Printers…), drag-and-drop, hot keys, file functions and registry functions that you wouldn't expect on the Web.
Technical requirements:
  • Applications are accessible with a simple Internet browser.
  • You can deploy to most Java or .NET application Servers
  • Support for PowerBuilder 12.5, Windows 7…
  • Deployment to multi-instance servers
  • Calls to web services without any additional plug-ins

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