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Friday, June 8, 2012

Appeon Mobile Sneak Peek II

 ** Hot News **

 PowerBuilder TV .... Catch-up session

    Did you miss May's Appeon Mobile Sneak Peak (The first-ever mobility solution for the PowerBuilder community!) or have a question you're dying to ask since last session? This session Christophe Dufourmantelle will be accompanied by the CEO of Appeon Corporation Armeen Mazda with an updated PowerPoint slides.

    There is a growing demand for accessibility on-the-go, and PowerBuilder applications need to be ready. In order to meet this challenge, Appeon and Novalys will soon launch Appeon Mobile.

   From the PowerBuilder IDE, Appeon Mobile will automatically generate native mobile applications for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. DataWindows, nested reports, and many rich PowerBuilder functionalities previously unimaginable on mobile devices will be at users’ fingertips.

   This webinar will introduce a technology that will revolutionize mobile development for enterprise applications. You will discover Appeon Mobile’s main features, as well as its road map and licensing model. As usual with PowerBuilderTV Webcasts, you will have the possibility to ask questions directly to the presenters.

Note:  Looking for the recording of May's session? Due to updated changes to the PPT presentation for June by the Appeon team, at their request we will only be posting the recording of the second session in June in order to avoid confusion between the two presentations.

Regards ... Chris


  1. hi there christ read a lot about you,
    iam one of the appeon powerbuilder user in Indonesia,

    i hope you dont mind, i'd like to share my problem here, iam using appeon 6.5.0 running at EAServer 6.3.1 with powerbuilder 11.5 and 12

    problem is with text/column/computedfield
    that we have set to justify aligned in pb but
    always become left aligned. been looking around about this nothing came up. the RTF column works fine with the justify.

    thanks and regards for your help
    really appreciated

    1. Hi Zulmach;

      Have you applied the Appeon 6.5.1 maintenance release?

      Regards ... Chris

    2. Downloading
      ||||||······ 50%


  2. Dear Chris,

    installed the 6.5.1 maintenance release, redeployed...
    but no luck, there is no such things
    shows up as justify alignment
    for column,text and computedfield

    pls let me know for any workaround...
    regards & thanks