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Monday, November 10, 2014

New PowerBuilder Website!

** Hot News **

       Novalys corporation located in Paris, France has just launched a new website to serve the PowerBuilder user community that could not try or buy PowerBuilder recently. Most of the Sybase people previously handling these PB queries are now gone or relocated at SAP and some of Novalys's customers were a bit lost. Since the new website is located in Europe - it is available in both French and English.

    Also check out this website for links to other great PB resources, open source products and excellent PowerBuilder add-on products that compliment this great development tool!

Regards ... Chris


  1. I have been using PB since 1.0a.
    Now on 12.5.2 - works fantastic.
    We use it for our SharePoint data and file transporter
    Take a look, it is a quite nice example of what can be done..

    Steen Jakobsen