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Sunday, August 23, 2015

STD Framework Project Updates!

** "Kool" news **

STD Frameworks on SourceForge

New project Features!

    Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) is very pleased to announce that the Foundation Class (FC) project on the SourceForge website has had some significant improvements as of late. The FC project that supports PowerBuilder, Appeon and EAServer has had an amazing download activity this year. In fact, year to date figures currently stand at 3,844 downloads! In order to support this significantly increased use, new project features have been enabled for framework users.


    Framework users can now contact the framework designer directly using the new "Support" link located at the top of the STD FC Project. The support link will enable direct email contact for framework help.


   Framework users can now see a list of open maintenance and enhancement tickets on either the Integrated or Web Service framework. Developers who are logged into the STD FC SourceForge project can also open tickets directly on a framework and/or specific feature.


    The newest feature is the Discussion forums. There are three forums: General, Integrated and Web Service. The Discussion is open to all framework users to puruse. To open a discussion or reply to a question, the developer must log into the SourceForge project in order to participate.

   The general discussion forum is just that - general questions about overall framework strategies, direction, futures, etc. The Integrated discussion is specific to the Integrated framework which encompasses Appeon and PowerBuilder Client Server, Web and Mobile based applications. The last discussion area is around the Web Service framework specifically for PowerBuilder. However, both Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile can take advantage of these Web-services at run time as a "Consumer".

    Once inside a specific discussion, any FC user my browse any discussion thread. However, in order to participate in any discussion, the developer is required to log into the SourceForge STD project. Once they start participating in a discussion thread they will receive emails on various postings. These email updates also allow the thread participant to continue the thread update via email responses.

    All-in-all, the new SourceForge features enabled for the STD FC's on SourceForge further enhances the direction and dedication of the frameworks to continue to be the best frameworks available in the market for either PowerBuilder, Appeon or EAServer.

Regards ... Chris

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