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Saturday, March 16, 2019

STD Integrated Framework - PowerBuilder MS-Windows Notification Utility

** Hot News **

New MS-Windows Notification Utility

     Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce a new MS-Windows Notification application built from the latest free open source STD Integrated Foundation Classes and specially designed for Appeon PowerBuilder version PB2017R3! The Foundation Classes provide most of the Notification functionality.

         The notification utility application takes the notification information as a command line argument when calling the executable, as follows:
pbnotify32p.exe Time=5,Name=STD Framework,Msg=This is a test message from the calling application!

Where ...

Time=nn        // Time to display (seconds)
Name=xxxx    // Application Name
Msg=xxxx    // User message to display

The resulting notification would appear like so        ==>

 The notification application has the following uses ...

  • The application returns an O/S return code. +1 for OK and -1 for fail.
  • The application will only work in MS-Windows 10 and higher
  • Can be called from any Application EXE, Batch, PowerShell or Windows scheduler script!
  • Simultaneous messages can appear if the Application Name or message text is different.
    Due to the fact that the Notification application is built from the STD framework, logging is automatically performed where you can check the status of the executable's processing.

    The new Notification application for Appeon PB2017R3 can be downloaded and used for free from the SourceForge web site ... just click here!


Regards ... Chris