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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Visual Expert 2019 - for Appeon PowerBuilder

** Hot News **

 What's new in Visual Expert 2019?
Generate Diagrams of your Appeon PowerBuilder code, perform code reviews, analyze DBMS performance and code analysis for PowerBuilder, Oracle, and SQL Server (just to highlight a few new key features)!

Generate Code Review ReportS
* Check coding rules and conventions.
* Find unused objects
* Review all issues with HTML Reports.
* Improve maintainability.
* Supports PB, SQL Server and Oracle code
Visual Expert Code Review Reports
Analyze the Performance of your DATABASE code
Identify slow Oracle or SQL Server objects (procedures, functions...).
Pinpoint bottle necks, slow instructions and/or queries.
Improve response times. Reduce table locks.
Visual Expert provides more than 300 features to help you
maintain your Appeon PowerBuilder code! To find out more ... 

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