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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Appeon Elevate2019 Conference Coming Soon!

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Elevate 2019 Conference

      Appeon is welcoming a broad range of presentations for their Elevate 2019 Developer Conference, which will take place in Philadelphia, PA (USA) on October 28-30, 2019. The Elevate 2019 conference aims to be a technical conference, offering developers training on the latest PowerBuilder features, the opportunity to schedule one-on-one meetings with the Appeon team, and networking with other developers, community leaders and reference customers. Check the list of this years presenters!

Elevate 2019 is especially helpful for companies who want to: 

The latest PowerBuilder 2019 offers C# development capability, and also Appeon is releasing a new C# migration solution for PowerBuilder. The .NET DataStore object allows any PowerBuilder developer to quickly develop .NET projects. Automated code generators and a C# migration framework reduce migration effort of existing PowerScript projects by up to 50%. At Elevate 2019, you can participate in workshops and technical training sessions to learn in detail.  

Appeon has invited customers to join Elevate 2019 and share their experiences and lessons learned of migrating from PowerScript to C#. You will get deeper understanding of why Appeon’s C# migration solution is so fast while still adhering to open standards and good design practices, how to deploy server-less to the Cloud (e.g. Azure), and how to maintain your project in any C# IDE. 

There are a handful of sessions at Elevate 2019 that focus on improving the UI & UX of the apps. Check these sessions and get inspired with ideas on how to bring UI & UX improvements to your own projects.

    The session catalog for the Elevate 2019 conference is now available! You can now review the catalog to better understand the content and plan your time at the conference. This year, the sessions will also include customer case studies of migrating to the cloud and C#. 

     Check out the conference agenda and while you are at the conference. If you need some key reasons to present to your management for attending, check out the "Why Attend" document. You may also want to take advantage of booking a meeting with Appeon ahead of the conference. To arrange a one-on-one meeting with Appeon, you can do this from the Appeon Website Elevate2019 area, then scroll down until you see the link like pictured below ...

     See you in Philadelphia on October 28-30, 2019! 

Regards ... Chris

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