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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

STD Integrated Framework - 2021R2 released!


  ** Hot News **

  Integrated Foundation Classes (2021R2) Released!

 "THE" Framework for Appeon PowerBuilder & PowerServer!

(v2021.2.0.210 - May 12, 2021)
Actual App built from the Integrated framework!

        Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) are very pleased to announce that they have just released a new version of their Integrated Foundation Class library framework 2021R2 (build 2021.2.0.210) exclusively for PowerBuilder 2019R2 and PowerServer 2020 (Mobile & Web), and InfoMaker 2020 with new features, enhancements and upgrades!
     STD are also very excited as this release represents another significant enhancement to the Integrated framework that really further exemplifies the power of the Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 R2 build 2353 development environment! The updated framework combined with the current PowerBuilder and/or PowerServer products, positions developers to take advantage of today's Agile and DevOps methodologies. Plus it further enhances a new GUI "punch" in your Native, Web and Mobile Apps without buying expensive add-on products.

     For a summary of the previous framework version's feature sets for 2019/2020, please follow these links - 2019R2, 2019R2-1, 2019R3-2, 2019R4, 2020R1, 2020R2, and 2021R1. Note that STD has now  released 2 new versions of the framework in 2021 with more planned this year as well!
   The following are some of the key highlights of the new 2021R2 Integrated Foundation Class library and Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 R2 build 2353 versions at work, as follows:

Spell Checking

Example of the new built-in Spell Checking at work!

Hard Drive Introspection 

Multi-Media Support

Multi-Media Player built from the new STD FC Framework!

Enhanced Windows Information

More O/S information now being logged!

    The latest Integrated framework version contains the following updates and has been tested with the latest MS-Windows 10 O/S (20H2 build 19042.928), PB 2019 R2 MR2353 and the PowerServer 2020 build #2323. Testing inside of PB included Win32 (both P-code & M-code) and Win64 (P-code) deployments. Testing inside of PowerServer Web & Mobile included latest Web Browsers, latest Apple Tablet / Smart Phone and Android Tablet / Smart Phone deployments.

Note: All the STD frameworks are free and can be downloaded from its STD Foundation Classes SourceForge project website and licensed under Apache 2.0 open source.

Release 2021.2.0.210 - Major Release (2021R2) - change highlights ...
  1. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added SendMessageXxx variant definitions, CreateWindow and InitCommonControlsEx
  2. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added instance variables that locate App's toolbar and Micro-help bar in any App
  3. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added instance variable for Application NativePDF! switch setting
  4. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added code to get Hard Drive "Manufacturer" name & serial number
  5. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Revised the code to support PB 2019 R3 and higher (No DLL numbering)
  6. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Removed the use of the iNET object and replaced with Global Function call
  7. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added NoWait option argument to the "of_notification_display" method
  8. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added new "of_get_toolbar_class" method to Return Class Name of any App's Menu Toolbar
  9. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added new of_get_MicoHelp_class" method to Return Class Name of any App's MicoHelp bar class
  10. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added NoWait option to the RUN call if required   
  11. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added support for NativePDF! via the Application object class (PB2019R2 feature)
  12. Revised "nc_pbdebug_pbvm" - Revised the DLL nmes to match the PB 2019R3 run-time (No numbering)
  13. Revised "ns_ds_master" - Added switch to enable or disbale XML tracing
  14. Revised "vs_dc_master" - Added code to disable spell checking if set OFF in App's INI file
  15. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Changed the code to use Class name constant for FNFIXEDBAR & drop ### for >= P2019 R3
  16. Revised "wn_master" - Revised the window "ContextHelp" property to be FALSE
  17. Created "vs_ole_media_player_master" Object class
  18. Revised "vs_ole_media_player_master" - Added "of_play" method
  19. Revised "vs_ole_media_player_master" - Added "of_stop" method
  20. Revised "vs_ole_media_player_master" - Added "of_pause" method
  21. Created "fn_get_class_definition" Global function object class
  22. Created "fn_get_enumerated_definition" Global function object class
  23. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added "IsWindowUnresponsive" & "PeekMessage" external functions as an SDK call
  24. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added "SCardGetStatusChange" external function SDK calldeclaration
  25. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Changed Structure's "uflags" values to allow more features to be shown   
  26. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added code to send a Resize event on a Theme change to allow UO's on toobar to display OK   
  27. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Added "ii_window_border_size" and asscoaited methods to track current border size
  28. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Revised the ToolBar User Object code to adjust the width by 0 units if a Theme is active!
  29. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Added "of_get_window_border_size" method
  30. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Added "of_set_window_border_size" method
  31. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Added code to track the Window's current border size
  32. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Revised the code to observe if a Theme was active!
  33. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Added "oe_window_position_changed" Event
  34. Created "ns_dotnet_assembly_master" object class Base Ancestor!
  35. Created "ns_dotnet_master" object class Base Ancestor!
  36. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Added a set "remote-debugging-port" to allow AscentialTest to work with App
  37. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Revised Class names for PB2019R3. They no longer use version numbers in the name
  38. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Revised various methods to only have one exit point (VE Audit)
  39. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Corrected the code for the "PRODUCT_ENTERPRISE_EVALUATION" O/S edition
  40. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Revised "of_findwindow_partial" method to return the DataStore with partial matches (dw_os_process_list)
  41. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" - Added new "of_get_spell_check_required" method and support for the "SpellCheck" INI setting and App functionality
  42. Revised "nc_smtp_master" - Converted FileWite to calling Frameworl's logging feature instead
  43. Revised "nc_wininet_master" - Revised the code to remove NOT and to set RC code on exit
  44. Revised "vs_dc_master" - Added code to allow the App Controller to track if a DDDW is active
  45. Revised "vs_dc_master" - Added new "oe_spell_check" method
  46. Revised "vs_dc_master" - Added new "of_get_spellcheck_status" method
  47. Revised "vs_dc_master" - Added code to disable spell checking if set OFF in App's INI file   
  48. Revised "vs_em_master" - Added new "oe_spell_check" Event
  49. Revised "vs_em_master" - Added new "oe_clear" Event
  50. Revised "vs_em_master" - Added new "oe_selectall" Event
  51. Revised "vs_em_master" - Added new "of_get_spellcheck_status" Method
  52. Revised "vs_em_master" - Added code to disable spell checking if set OFF in App's INI file   
  53. Revised "vs_mle_master" - Added new "oe_spell_check" Event
  54. Revised "vs_mle_master" - Added new "oe_clear" Event
  55. Revised "vs_mle_master" - Added new "oe_selectall" Event
  56. Revised "vs_mle_master" - Added new "of_get_spellcheck_status" method
  57. Revised "vs_sle_master" - Added new "oe_spell_check" event
  58. Revised "vs_sle_master" - Added new "oe_clear" event
  59. Revised "vs_sle_master" - Added new "oe_selectall" event
  60. Revised "vs_sle_master" - Added new "oe_spell_check" event
  61. Revised "vs_sle_master" - Added new "of_get_spellcheck_status" method
  62. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Added new "of_get_dc_dddw_active" method
  63. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Added new "of_set_dc_dddw_active" method
  64. Revised "wn_controller_master" - Revised "oe_window_position_changed" event to Replaced the intial code to support DDDW tracking
  65. Revised "vs_rte_master" - Added new "oe_spell_check" event
  66. Revised "vs_rte_master" - Added new "oe_clear" event
  67. Revised "vs_rte_master" - Added new "oe_selectall" event
  68. Revised "vs_rte_master" - Added new "of_get_spellcheck_status" method
  69. Revised "vs_rte_master" - Added code to the "rbuttondown" event to support framework pop-up menu
      The OrderEntry example application and the Integrated Framework's Documentation has also been updated to the new Integrated Foundation class 2021R2 framework version. You can download the example application from here. Also, check out the online "getting started" video series to accelerate your assimilation of the best framework for PowerBuilder & PowerServer!

   STD would also like to thank Novalys Corporation for their support of the Foundation Classes by supplying the VisualExpert product for the framework's documentation. 


Regards ... Chris

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