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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Appeon - Elevate 2021 Cnference


Elevate 2021 replay is available online so you can catch up on anything you missed. We especially want to thank Appeon MVPs and community presenters for all the great tech sessions they contributed!

If you didn’t register for the conference, you can access the replays right after you register for FREE.


Read About Elevate

Bruce Armstrong, an Appeon MVP, summarized the key points of the keynote presentation and a quick rundown of the conference.
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Watch the Replays

In this year’s keynote, Appeon announced various enhancements focused on PowerScript Development and the PowerBuilder IDE. Check out the latest version to understand what exciting changes are coming down the road:

The tech sessions are organized around two tracks: PowerServer, PowerScript & C# Dev. Related tech resources are available for download from the corresponding session replay pages.

Find a Replay | Try PB 2021

Discuss the Content

You can start a discussion regarding any Elevate session (including the keynote) with many developers from around the world on the Appeon community site.

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