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Monday, April 1, 2013

Webforms EOL?

** Interesting News **

Webforms Deprecated?

 Sybase seems to have just released the online documentation update that corresponds with PB release 12.5.2 (which is not currently officially released). However, its not uncommon to have Sybase (now SAP) release product documentation on the eve of a new product release / update.

  This new documentation begs a few interesting questions though ...

1) When will PB 12.5.2 be released?
2) Will SAP correct the current lock-out of the MR/EBF download area?
3) Is the Webform feature actually deprecated?

  In answering the last question, the answer seems to be in the "Changed Functionality" section listed in the PB 12.5.2 release bulletin section .... "Web Forms Target Removed". You can actually see this for yourself ...

Interesting ... n'est pas?

Regards ... Chris


  1. Hi Chris, isn't there an errata in their documentation (or am I missing something), when the document states that:

    "should not install the "12.5.2 GA". The EBFs for "12.5.2" will include fixes for Web Forms as well as issues for other features".

    Why and moreover "how" would a 12.5.2 include fixes for something it no longer contains????

    What does "GA" stand for?

    Miguel Leeuwe

  2. Customers using Web Forms in PowerBuilder 12.5.1 or earlier should not install the 12.5.2 GA. The EBFs for 12.5.2 will include fixes for Web Forms as well as issues for other features.

    1. yeah, that's what I thought.
      You won't install 12.5.2 GA, since you won't have the WF anymore.
      So what good are the fixes included in that version for WF to people who did not install it, since they want to keep their WF?

      mixed-up mixed-up :s

  3. Hi Miguel;

    1) GA => General Availability
    2) I think that they mean that they will still issue EBF's that address PB 12.5.1 W-F issues. However, PB 12.5.2 will remove all traces of webform features in the IDE.

    Regards ... Chris

    1. Ok, that seems the only possible explanation. It won't install WF but maintain it for a while.

  4. You'd think they would have sent out a warning - I just got notification that it was available like any other update..
    I have not installed it because of your warning but why would you do something major like that in a point release?
    Is 12.5.2 the last Powerbuilder release?
    - Brett W

  5. Hi Brett;

    I am sure its either because SAP are too embarrassed failing at another PB innovation or that they do not want this bad news to detract from the PB 15 release.

    PB 15 may in itself be a disappointment to the community if it does not contain a ton of new features - especially for PB Classic!

    Regards ... Chris

  6. Just when PB 12.5 finally provided a path to fast web apps (removing the need for something like Wavemaker), here comes news that Web Forms is being dropped. What's up SAP????