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Monday, April 8, 2013

Foundation Classes - Remove WPF?

** Pole Question **

   Since Sybase has officially deprecated PocketBuilder and Webforms (in PB 12.5.2) and is basically allowing EAServer to stagnate - I am now busy removing all the dependent code from my STD Foundation Classes that referenced those PB features listed above. This will make the framework more efficient, faster to compile & execute, less prone to functional errors, etc. At the same time though, I am adding more support for Appeon Web and finalizing some new code improvements for Appeon Mobile support.

   The question I have for the PowerBuilder community at this moment though concerns PB.Net and in particular the WPF feature support. I am considering dropping WPF support all together from the framework as I see that WPF in general is basically being ignored by Microsoft and no longer in its key technology directions. Plus, the adoption of seems extremely low and not a direction for most PB sites. =>

  Q: Is anyone using my framework with PB.Net? Let me know! 

Regards ... Chris

1 comment:

  1. Seems like a good idea to me Chris, pfc's need al the speed optimization they can get!