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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet Appeon in Person!

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Meet Appeon Engineers at ISUG-Tech 2014 Conference

April 14-17 at the Hilton Atlanta in Atlanta, GA.
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This is truly a wonderful opportunity for attendees of this conference. Appeon will be bringing four of the product engineers to Atlanta! They will be making the long trek over from China and are looking forward to meeting Appeon customers and PowerBuilder developers at the event.

Attending along with Appeon CEO Armeen Mazda will be:
  •     Peng Wang - Product Engineering Director
  •     Menghui Chen - Product Architect
  •     Larry Jia - Product QA Director
  •     Steven Yang - Technical Support Director

Appeon Workshop

There are also a number of pre- and post-conference workshops you can register for without having to register for the entire ISUG-Tech 2014 Conference. And the cost for Workshops is lower than the full conference.

For individuals who are interested in Appeon Workshop, please take a look at the overview video here. It will give you a taste for the workshop. The instructor for this workshop is Yakov Werde, who has been designing and delivering PowerBuilder and Web/Mobile App Development training for over 14 years.

Don’t want to miss the event!

Register for Appeon Workshop

Regards ... Chris

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