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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

PB 2017 - PreOrder Special!

** Hot News **

Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 

Special Pre-Order Pricing is Back!

 More Information?

Over the last 2 months of 2015, thousands of copies of PowerBuilder 2017 were pre-ordered at a very special price. Due to the still high demand at the end of the first pricing promotion, Appeon has decided to extend a second promotion period to the PowerBuilder community starting on January 1, 2017 until the end of April 2017.
Appeon also appreciates that it takes time for companies & government agencies to fully understand the offer and work through their various purchase processing procedures. As such, Appeon are pleased to offer the PowerBuilder community a “second chance” to pre-order PowerBuilder at a big savings. If you pre-order PowerBuilder 2017 you will be entitled to the following benefits:
Don’t miss out on this last chance to pre-order PowerBuilder 2017 and save big before the regular pricing takes effect after April 30, 2017.

Regards ... Chris


  1. Hola Chris'

    Buen Dia

    Por hacer una consulta

    Yo Carlos efrain Pizan Jacome Laboro en una entidad Estatal llamada Secretaria de Salud del Cauca, trabajo en la parte de desarrollo de software y estamos interesados en adquirir power builder 2017, pero antes de gestionar la compra quisiera pedirte el favor, sabiendo tu gran voluntad de colaboración, me podrias sacar de dudas a estas preguntas.

    1. Power builder 2017 incluye appeon?
    2. La comunicacion en la nube por medio de Fttp el rendimiento es bueno?
    3.Es dificil migrar al web un sistema desarrollado en power builder por medio de appeon?
    4.Incluye soporte tecnico en cuanto a la migracion a la web por medio de power builder 2017?


    Carlos Efrain pizan
    Ingeniero de desarrollo Secretaria de Departamental Salud del Cauca
    Telefono 310 497 23 03

  2. Hi Carlos;

    I will try & answer your questions as best as I can, as follows:

    Q1. Power builder 2017 includes Appeon?
    A1: The PB 2017 Universal Edition includes Appeon Mobile. Appeon Web is still being sold separately.

    Q2. Communication in the cloud via Fttp performance is good?
    A2: We have customers on Azure, Amazon and even Appeon itself uses Rackspace to which there are other great Cloud platforms as well from IBM, Oracle, Google, etc. The key to remember here is that your Web & Mobile application's DW, DB connection, Web Services, etc are processed from the Appeon Server aspect and not the client application side. So the performance of handling complex result sets, DB connectivity, DBMS caching, DW buffer caching, etc is all done from the Appeon Server (which is normally installed on the same Cloud platform). Like any 2-tier PB application in the past of course, performing things like demanding super large result sets, intensive looping, etc will kill any application regardless of what its written in.

    Q3. Is it difficult to migrate to the web a system developed in PowerBuilder by means of Appeon?
    A4: Normally, this is very straight forward. The problem arises where the PB application uses restricted statements like the GOTO command for example which is not supported by Appeon Web or Appeon Mobile. So some refactoring is normally required for a few commands like this or where Appeon implements a feature slightly differently. There is a great application analysis tool though provided in the Appeon Developer part of the Appeon Web/Mobile solution to point these things out before you even start coding / adapting Appeon Web/Mobile to your existing PB application(s).
    One of the biggest challenges though in converting an existing Sybase/SAP PB application would be to make the Human Interface web or mobile compliant. This for sure would require some UI refactoring effort beyond the basic migration (small feature refactoring) effort.

    Q4.Include technical support regarding the migration to the web through power builder 2017?
    A4: This is the great part about Appeon PB ... online support is included with your PB purchase - whereas both Sybase & SAP charged extra for this!!!!!

    Regards ... Chris

  3. Good morning sir,
    If you are so kind please answer to my question which is very important for my organization:
    Q:Our major application has been migrated to PB 12.6 but we use PFC (an we have done our own modifications.
    Can APPEON migrate also PFC libraries easily and successfully ?
    Thank you very much in advance
    Vassilis Filippopoulos
    National Bank of Greece
    Senior Powerbuilder Engineer
    Greece - Athens

  4. Hi Vassilis;

    Your v12.6 application should migrate transparently as PB 2017 is based on the 12.6 code-line that SAP handed over to Appeon on July 5, 2016. The PFC is just PowerScript code and as such should not have any difficulty migrating automatically by PB 2017.
    The key items to remember with PB 2017 is a) EAServer support has been removed; b) RichText control has been replaced and c) PDF generation is now handled internally.
    On both items "b" & "c" the key thing to think about after migration is test, test, test to make those features work like before.

    Regards ... Chris