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Thursday, January 26, 2017

STD FC's - Your PFC Replacement!

I got the job!

     Its always nice once in a while when your all your hard work pays off when you receive a nice comment about your work or product. In this case it was a nice text message the other day from a PowerBuilder friend of mine who stated ....

    The Software Tool & Die frameworks that I originally built in 1992 for PowerBuilder and later on, added support for PocketBuilder, PB.Net, EAServer, Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile, continues to evolve even to this day. The goal now is to update the frameworks in time for the brand new release of Appeon PB 2017 in June, 2017!

   The frameworks even today are still being adopted by new and refactored mission critical PowerBuilder & Appeon Web/Mobile applications the world over with over 6,429  downloads in 2016! You can download them from their home on SourceForge  ... plus, they are open source, pure PowerScript, use no external DLL's & are free too! 

Regards ... Chris


  1. Chris, you need a better acronym... STDF, PBSF, PBF, ... but STD is not a good choice.

  2. Hi Jason ... STD is just an acronym for the proper name "Software Tool & Die" which is also the name of my company. I used that name based on a "Tool & Die" maker that makes custom tools for manufacturing, I make custom software solutions for software (ie PowerBuilder). You're the first person to suggest the name change BTW since I opened sourced the framework in the 1994/1995 time frame. ;-)

  3. Hi Chris, I've asked you in the past and it won't we an easy job to migrate from PFC to STD's.
    A migration-tool would be great! (yes, I know)..
    But, maybe some "plan / guide-lines for migration" would be very useful. Known problems and solutions?
    best regards,

  4. Hi Miguell!

    Yes, that would be a great feature but a real challenge to implement as many PFC based applications were not built correctly inheritance wise, were never updated (PFC layer), extended poorly in the PFE layer (or heaven forbid PFC layer) and many other anomalies. Personally, I have now seen two PFC applications converted to the Integrated Framework in < 2 weeks last year. Its not all that hard once you get going as you can run the PFC and I.F. side-by-side ... slowly weaning off the PFC parts. You don't have to drop the PFC all at once. However, I think that this process is better left to real PB developers.

    I agree though that a guide, problems & solutions document would be very useful.

    Regards ... Chris

  5. Okay, yes that sounds like a plan! We'll start simple. (sorry for the late reaction).