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Friday, October 15, 2010

Appeon 6.5 & jBoss

Appeon 6.5 now supports JBoss

Appeon 6.5, the most powerful and flexible version of the go-to web deployment tool to date. Appeon 6.5 introduces support for the JBoss Platform; take advantage of the popular open-source platform and Appeon brings you these new features while preserving stability and performance!

Appeon 6.5 also includes:
  •  Support for the latest Software: PowerBuilder 12 Classic, Windows 7, EAServer 6.3, and Sybase's SQL Anywhere 12 DBMS.
  •  Deployment to multi-instance servers
  •  Calls to web services without any additional plug-ins
  •  and more!

Discover Appeon 6.5 for PowerBuilder! With Appeon, maintain a single version of your application and deploy it in client/server and to the Web. The PB code is automatically converted to .NET or Java during deployment:
  • No significant change to the architecture
  • No effort spent rewriting the code
  • The users will find the same interface they are already comfortable with
Appeon Flash Animations

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Try Appeon 6.5 for PowerBuilder free now from Appeon corporation itself or one of its distributors:  Sybase or Novalys. For those individuals who have an ISUG membership, you can get a full (unrestricted) developer version for free with your Gold or Green membership!

Regards ... Chris
PS: Check out my free Foundation Classes for PB and Appeon!