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Sunday, June 26, 2016

STD Web Service Framework - Version 2016R2 Released!

** Hot News **

Web Service Framework - v2016.2.0.57 - Released!

     Software Tool & Die Inc are pleased to announce a new release of their Web Service STD Foundation Classes for IIs (STD FC IIs) - version 2016.2.0.57 (2016R2). The updated Web Service IIs framework is solely targeted to helping PowerBuilder Classic developers, to help develop .Net based Web Services and deploy these to IIs. The IIs based framework takes advantage of RAD techniques, employs an MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture for superior performance, flexibility and extend ability! The STD Web Service framework is free and can be downloaded from its STD Foundation Classes SourceForge project website.

    The Web Service framework - while greatly improving the PB & Appeon developer's productivity - also includes these types of features to help with RAD based projects:
  • Helps the PB developer to Implement "stateless" programming
  • Does DBMS transaction management automatically
  • Manages DataStores for you automatically
  • Manages DB updates for you automatically
  • Facilitates  MVC design & programming
  • Provides Encryption / Decryption services
  • Provides extended numerical services (ie: And / Or / Xor / Xand / etc features to PowerScript
  • Provides Result Set generation for any data
  • Provides HTML generation for any data
  • Allows SMTP eMail generation
  • Facilitates  Event, Debug and Application logging
  • and much more!
  The main updates to the STD Web Service FC's included in version 2016R2 include:
  • Fixed - "Duplicate property name: handle" warning & PB 12.6 migration issue from ns_jagorb_master
  • Fixed - "Duplicate property name: __ptrdata" warning & PB 12.6 migration issue from ns_mlsync_master
  • Fixed - "Duplicate property name: anchor" warning & PB 12.6 migration issue from ns_olestorage_master
  • Fixed - "Duplicate property name: anchor" warning & PB 12.6 migration issue from ns_olestream_master
  • Fixed - "Duplicate property name: __ptrdata" warning & PB 12.6 migration issue from ns_ulsync_master
  • nc_iis_master (of_write_event) - new over-loaded method to use SDK class for MS-Event logging
  • nc_iis_master (of_write_event) - Revised original method to call over-loaded method instead.
  • nc_iis_master - Added & Revised API declarations as per the latest Integrated framework
  • ns_ds_webservice_master (RetrieveStart) - Ported newer code over from the Integrated framework
  • nc_iis_master (of_get_ini_path) - Changed method's access to public!
  • nc_iis_master (of_get_ini_file_name) - Changed method's access to public!
  • ns_ds_webservice_master (RetrieveStart) - completed code to handle INI file properties.
  • Revised WebService.INI template INI file to include template entries for the Web Service DataWindow.
  • Cleaned up various comment blocks & date formats.
  • Added example "of_write_event" method call in the OrderEntry example applications Login web service.
  • Renamed all folders, libraries, objects and variables from "_iis" to "_ws" to better reflect their purpose!
  • Renamed framework from STD_FC_IIS to STD_FC_WebService!
  • Revised MS-Windows API declarations to match the Integrated Framework.Tested framework with ...
      - PowerBuilder 12.x, 12.5.x and 12.6
      - Appeon 2015R2.
      - MS-Windows 7, 10, 2008 & 2012.
      - .Net 2.0, .Net 3.5, .Net 4.0 and .Net 4.5
      - IIs 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, & 10.0

   STD would like to thank Novalys Corporation for their support of the Foundation Classes by supplying the VisualExpert product for the framework's documentation.

Regards .... Chris