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Friday, May 1, 2020

Integrated Foundation Classes - TechTip!

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  Integrated Foundation Classes - Technical Tip!

 "THE" Framework for Appeon PowerBuilder & PowerServer!

(v2020.1.0.148 - April 29, 2020)

       Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) are were pleased to announce the release Integrated Foundation Class library framework 2020R1 (build 2020.1.0.148). Included in this release were two new areas of interest for the PB Developer!

       The first new area is a complete and definitive guide to almost all the MS-Windows API calls that you can make from any PB Application! When you download the new framework and / or OrderEntry application you will notice a new "WinAPI" folder. Within that folder you will notice a Win_API PB App and a "PB_WinAPI_External_Declarations_Unicode" text file. These are a list of almost all the MS-Windows API calls in PB "External Function" declaration Unicode compliant form. All you need to do is Copy/Paste these directly into your PB App whenever you need them. No further editing is required ... now that's productivity!

Example of the 1,529 "ready to use" API Declarations in the new edition!

       The second new area is a complete and definitive guide to almost all the MS-Windows  O/S Message ID's  and how they map to their PB "Control" counterparts! A must have for the PB Developer who wants to get more decisive control of their application's behaviour or extend any MS-Windows control's behaviour beyond the basic System Class! 

        To locate this new information  mapping guide after downloading the framework or the example OrderEntry Demo App ... locate the new "Event_ID" folder. Within there you should see a "PB_Event_ID_Mappings" text file. This file contains the MS-Windows Message ID to PBM_xxxxxxxx message ID mappings.

Example of the 466 MessageID to PB EventID mappings now included in the new edition

      You can download the OrderEntry example application from here.

      The STD Integrated Framework can be downloaded from  here.


Regards ... Chris