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Sunday, November 27, 2016

PowerBuilder on TV

** Very "Kool" **

   One normally thinks of PowerBuilder TV as the PBTV website that contains great information about the PowerBuilder product. However, what I am talking about today is putting PowerBuilder on your TV! Yes, you read that right ... put your PowerBuilder applications on your TV and interact directly with them. You can do that today, thanks to the Appeon Mobile product from Appeon corporation.

   New televisions or even older ones can now have Android enabled boxes attached to them or "smart" TV's may come pre-loaded with the Android operating system built in. In my case, I am using an MXQ Pro Android media box in this article attached to my Samsung TV. The MXQ box is a quad processor based system with the Android 5.1 O/S loaded on to its ROM with 32G of RAM memory on board. That being said, these media boxes or on-board TV computer based Android systems are more than capable of hosting the Appeon Mobile Work Space (AWS) application that will in turn host any PowerBuilder application that can be deployed to an Appeon 2016 server.

MXQ media box with keyboard.
   The Android O/S on your SmartTV or the media box typically has a similar user interface to your Android phone or tablet. The O/S has all the typical bells & whistles like a file manager, web browser, system console, etc ... all the ingredients you need to load the AWS application on to the droid system. So the first action is to start the Chrome web browser and point it to your Appeon Server - for example:  http:///AEM. Once your in the Appeon Enterprise Manager (AEM) you will be prompted to download the AWS install application (an Android .APK file).
AWS install file downloaded.
  Double tapping the .IPA file from the "download manager" will start the AWS install just like on your Android phone or tablet. Once the installation has completed and you return to the main screen, you will now see the AWS application icon on the main application group.
AWS installed (lower right hand side)
  Now that you have AWS installed, you can start the application which acts as the host for any of your PowerBuilder applications on a mobile device. The AWS application will now let you point it to your PB application deployed & hosted on the Appeon Server. Once AWS locates your PB application on the Appeon Server, it will download the executable code to the Android device. 
PB application being downloaded to the MXQ Android system.
   Now that the PB application has been downloaded to the AWS application. You can start the application and interact with it via the Android based Bluetooth keyboard. This is no different than interacting with your touch device or even more akin to using your PB application deployed as an Appeon Web based application. The great news is that in my testing all the PB applications worked flawlessly. A great tribute to the Appeon Mobile architecture for Android.
Interacting with a Master / Detail DataWindow!

Graph DataWindow report!

  A whole new horizon has now opened up for PowerBuilder applications thanks to Appeon!

Regards ... Chris

Friday, November 18, 2016

Appeon PB - Consulting Ecosystem!

** Hot News**

    Appeon Corporation is seeking to establish a worldwide network of seasoned PowerBuilder professionals who share their passion for PowerBuilder.  Regardless of whether you are an independent consultant or part of a larger consulting company, Appeon hopes that you will join their efforts in building a thriving ecosystem around the new generation of PowerBuilder!

   For more information on this exciting announcement, benefits and how to sign-up - please click here!

Regards ... Chris

Monday, November 7, 2016

New Website - Appeon PowerBuilder

** Hot News **

Hi Everyone;

     Come check out Appeon’s new website that now includes Appeon PowerBuilder in its portfolio! Do a Live Chat with the Appeon sales team, browse various Appeon & PB videos, check out the FAQ’s on the upcoming Appeon PB, Review PB’s new road-map, check out the new “Developer” section, and much, much more!

Click here to check out the new Website!

    Also, check out the huge savings on pre-ordering Appeon PowerBuilder before December 31, 2016 ....  
Click here and Save!

Regards ... Chris

Monday, October 10, 2016

New Release (2016R3) of the STD "Integrated" FrameWork!

** Hot News **

 Integrated Foundation Classes (2016R3) Released!

 "THE" PowerBuilder Classic & Appeon Framework!

(v2016.3.0.68 - October 10, 2016)
   Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) is very pleased to announce that they have just released an updated version 2016R3 (2016.3.0.68) of their Integrated Foundation Class library for PowerBuilder "Classic", Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile!

   The latest version contains the following updates and has been tested with Appeon 2015R2 Server  (build 0359.00) and Appeon 2016 Server  (build 1080.00) using the official MR (maintenance  releases) of PowerBuilder "Classic" versions 12.1, 12.5.1 and 12.6. Testing inside of PB included Win32 (both P-code & M-code) deployments while testing inside of Appeon included latest Web Browsers, latest Apple Tablet/Smart Phone and Android Tablet/Smart Phone  deployments.

Release 2016.3.0.68 - Major Release (2016R3) - change highlights ...
  • Framework was system tested with: PowerBuilder Classic 12.1, 12.5.1 and 12.6; Appeon and 2015R1 (2015.0328.00); iOS 10.02 and Android 7.0.0 (both Smart Phone & Tablet); IE11; FireFox 47.0.1; Safari 5.1.7; Opera 32.0.1948.25; Chrome 53.0.2785.143,  Edge 38.14393.0.0)
  • Revised the "nc_app_controller_master" NVUO to only open the HOLD window if a Controller type window is being used.
  • Added "oe_print_window" event to the "vs_dc_master" DataWindow base class.
  • Added "of_get_print_window_status" function to the "vs_dc_master" DataWindow base class.
  • Added "IsWindowEnabled" external function declaration to the "nc_application_master" base class.
  • Added "mu_application_extension" extension class.
  • Added "mu_extension" extension class.
  • Added "nc_extension" extension class.
  • Added "ns_ds_extension" extension class.
  • Added "vs_dc_extension" extension class.
  • Added "wn_extension" extension class.
  • Added "wn_response_extension" extension class.
  • Added "RtlGetVersion" SDK API to the "nc_app_controller_master" base class.
  • Various small code tweaks for better performance under the Appeon 2016 product release.
  • Revised "of_check_os_version" function in the "nc_app_controller_master" base class to acquire the correct O/S version (PB 12.6 workaround Environment bug).

   STD would like to thank Novalys Corporation for their support of the Foundation Classes by supplying the VisualExpert product for the framework's documentation.

Please Note: This will be the last version of the STD Integrated framework for PowerBuilder 12.1. The next Integrated framework release will be based on PowerBuilder 12.6 as STD tunes their development efforts to align with the new Appeon PB product (which is being developed using the current PB Classic 12.6 code-line).


Regards ... Chris

Thursday, October 6, 2016

SQLAnyWhere for PowerBuilder - New Distributor!

     I just wanted to let everyone know that the SQLAnyWhere DBMS that comes included with PowerBuilder can now be purchased from Novalys as they are now an SAP authorized SA distributor. For those PB Shops that require a production licensed version, Novalys can now supply the multi-user SA version. For software vendors who are deploying SA with their respective applications, Novalys can also provide them with volume discounts.

Novalys has also put together an attractive offer for the PowerBuilder community ...

  • Each SQL Anywhere license purchased, comes with a free developer copy of Reporting Studio !
  • Negotiated discounts for software Vendors embedding SQL Anywhere in their commercial applications.
  • Provide a simple support package (on-line assistance), covering SQL Anywhere, PB, Appeon Web, and PowerDesigner (1 fee, several tools)
=> Novalys staff speak English, Spanish and French and serve all continents.

For more information, please visit Novalys's new SA website!  

PS: Don't forget that the SA developer version is still free as well.

Regards ... Chris

Thursday, September 29, 2016

PowerBuilder TV - PowerGen 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
at 8:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 17H00 PM CET (Paris).

Automating the PowerBuilder Build Process with PowerGen 2016

    An essential tool to automate the building of PowerBuilder applications, it lets you use command line functions to automate the entire build, create libraries from object source. With PowerGen, you can control your builds with predictability and reliability.

Presenter: Phil Wallingford

Image result for register button    Image result for learn more button

Regards ... Chris

PowerBuilder TV - BootStrap for PowerBuilder!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
at 8:00 AM PDT (Los Angeles) / 17H00 CEST (Paris)

Bootstrap for PowerBuilder

PowerBuilder Bootstrap - Enterprise Edition                                                      
   Download the source files of a PBT from your source control system and import the objects into empty PowerBuilder library files that it creates for you. Follow that up with any rebuilds and regenerates that are needed to get all objects to compile successfully.
With PowerBuilder Bootstrap, you will be able to:
  • Extract all source code files for a target from a source control system.
  • Create new library files for a target and import all the object source code files.
  • Generate a new PBC file for a Workspace.
  • Optimize all libraries for a target.
  • Compile the executable files for a target and copy to a deployment folder.
Presenter: Roland Smith

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Regards ... Chris

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

PowerBuilder Conference 2017 - Call for Presenters!

** Hot News **

     The next annual PowerBuilder Conference will take place in the second quarter of 2017 in order to coincide with the launch of the Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 product. The conference next year will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. If you are interested participating in this event as a speaker / presenter, please contact the Appeon Corporation marketing department.  As a designated speaker, you will receive a free conference pass as a token of Appeon's appreciation.

      Please contact the Appeon marketing team at with the subject heading "PowerBuilder Conference 2017" and include a simple abstract paragraph or two on what aspect that you would like to present on.

Regards ... Chris