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Monday, March 28, 2022

STD Framework - Multi-Media App updated!

**  Hot news **

Multi-Media App updated for PB2021!

    Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce the release of its updated all PowerBuilder built MS-Window's Multi-Media Player example application all written in PowerBuilder 2021 - build 1506! This application demonstrates the power of using the STD Integrated Framework plus its new "vs_ole_media_player_master" object class. The latest application release was designed with the following in mind:
  • Updated to use the latest PB 2021 IDE - build 1506!
  • Updated the STD Integrated framework to the latest release (2022 R1)
  • Uses MS-Window's O/S "Notification" feature (via STD framework)
  • Updated to use the latest PB2021's Theme features. 
  • Can be run as an O/S System Tray application!
  • Tested the Base64 code on W10 version 21H2 build 19044.1645
  • Tested the Base64 code on W11 version 21H2 build 22000.613
  • Added new "Projects" to deploy as either a 64bit P-Code or 32bit M-Code App!
  • Added new "Projects" to deploy as either a 32bit or 64bit PowerClient App!
Media Player in action on an MP3 music stream

Media Player in action on an MP4 movie stream

     The Multimedia Player will allow local files to be played & viewed from your local machine. It is also designed to allow media data streams to be played and viewed from any valid URL across the internet. The MultiMedia Player supports the following formats: .MOV, .MP3, .MP4, .AVI, .WTV, .MID, .MKA, .MKV, .MV4, .WAV, .WMV, just to mention the main types. More music and video formats are also supported as well.
Use various media sources from your PC or across the internet!
    Your MultiMedia play list is also always at your finger tips using the STD Frameworks ability to add a User Object(s) to the main Menu Toolbar on an Main or MDI Frame.

   Unlock the "Power" in PowerBuilder applications by using the STD Integrated framework! The MultiMedia Player is just one example of building a PB application from this powerful all free & open source Framework! Click here to download the MultiMedia Player example application!
Tip: Use the "vs_ole_media_player_master" object class from the framework to add live application "how to" videos to your PB business applications! 

Enjoy ... Chris

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Multi-Lingual PowerBuilder Applications!


Localize your PowerBuilder Applications

Give a Multilingual Interface to your PowerBuilder Apps




Easily add new languages or translations without modifying the source code



UI in Runtime

Translate & Adapt the UI for each language

Controls, objects, DWs Easily Adapt screens with the Enable Designer




Integrate Translations in a CI/CD Workflow

Parse the code, import/export translations, identify new potentially parametric phrases, JSON format,
Support of PB 2021



  • Support all character sets and RTL languages
  • Change language dynamically even after a window is opened
  • Print in any language - without resetting current language
  • Recognizes context and supports rules for defining which elements should be translated
  • Quickly Extract meaningful strings
  • Optimized language DB protected from unauthorized changes
  • Simple distribution: just install libraries and language database (no DBMS necessary)
  • Enterprise license available: unlimited projects, unlimited languages, no runtime royalties
  • Supports .xlsx format to export/import traductions
  • Supports PB 9 to Appeon PowerBuilder 2021
  • 64-bit Deployment
  • Translation Explorer: test how the engine works and analyze results
  • Translation Memory Management: reuse translations among projects
  • CI/CD support for Extractor and Author
  • Supports JSON format in the import/export translations

Make your application available to international users in no time!


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

STD Integrated Framework - PowerBuilder PB2021 PSR Viewer!

** Hot News **

PSR Viewer Application has been updated!

    Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce a new version of the PowerSoft Report (PSR) Viewer (version 2022.1.0.25) application built from the latest free open source STD Integrated Foundation Classes and specially designed for Appeon PowerBuilder version PB2021! The Foundation Classes provide most of the PSR functionality natively wrapped around the framework's DataWindow Control class! The PSR Viewer allows the user to view DataWindow reports that have been saved in PSR format from either Appeon PowerBuilder or InfoMaker. A .PSR file is actually the DataWindow Object source along with its Primary data buffer contents.

PSR App example showing Zooming, Rulers & Print Preview

   Included in this new release are also the ability to write to the MS-Windows 10/11  "Notification area" and also drag & drop external PSR files into the PSR Viewer for display. A much more intuitive feedback and way of working!

MS-Windows 10 Notification
Drag & Drop external PSR report files directly into the PSRViewer!

   The new PSRViewer.exe application is built using the latest version of the STD Integrated Foundation Class library (2022.1.0.281) utilizing PowerBuilder 2021 build 1506). The revised PSRViewer has also been extensively tested on the newer W11 Operating System as well with no issues. The new PSRViewer now also includes a new PowerClient project for App deployment via that mechanism as well!

PSR Viewer under PB2021 using the new Themes feature.

   The updated PSR Viewer application for Appeon PB2021 can be downloaded from the SourceForge web site ... just click here! For older versions of the PSR viewer can be downloaded from here.

Enjoy ... Chris

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Visual Expert 2022 is available!

Improve Code Security and Quality

Analyze your PowerBuilder and Database code together.

Improve Quality and Security.

Impact Analysis


Enhanced Code Inspection

Automatically scan your project.
Identify and Remove flaws.

New in VE 2022:

  • Interactive Dashboard :
    Drill-Down to instructions
  • Additional Inspection Rules
  • New Settings to adjust Rules
  • Enhanced Tooltips in Dashboard

Extended Impact Analysis

Identify the consequences of a change in your PowerBuilder or Database Code.

New in VE 2022:

Extended scope of fine-grained analysis. Support of new code sources:

  • PowerBuilder 2021,
  • Oracle Cloud Database,
  • SQL Server Azure,
  • PBG files...
  • Advanced Code Parsing Settings



200+ tools to maintain your code

Visual Expert analyses the code to provide Impact analysis, Code Documentation, Code Review, Code Performance analysis and Code Comparison

Visual Expert

For PowerBuilder

For Oracle

For SQL Server

Friday, March 11, 2022

STD Integrated Framework - 2022R1 released!

 ** Hot News **

  Integrated Foundation Classes (2022R1) Released!

 "THE" Framework for Appeon PowerBuilder & PowerServer!

(v2022.1.0.281 - March 7, 2021)

        Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) are very pleased to announce that they have just released a new version of their Integrated Foundation Class library framework 2022R1 (build 2022.1.0.281) exclusively for PowerBuilder 2021 and PowerServer 2021 (Cloud), and InfoMaker 2021 (build 1506) - with new features, enhancements and upgrades!
     STD are also very excited as this release represents another significant enhancement to the Integrated framework that really further exemplifies the power of the Appeon PowerBuilder 2021 build 1506 development environment! The updated framework combined with the current PowerBuilder and/or PowerServer products, positions developers to take advantage of today's Agile and DevOps methodologies. Plus it further enhances a newer GUI "punch" in your Native and Cloud based Apps without buying expensive add-on products. Especially, since the framework is free!

     For a summary of the previous framework version's new & revised features for
, please follow these links - 2020R1, 2020R2, 2021R1, 2021R2 , 2021R3, 2021R4 and 2021R5. Note that STD has now released 5 new versions of the Integrated framework in 2021 with lots more planned for 2022!
   The following are some of the key highlights of the new 2022R1 Integrated Foundation Class library for Appeon PowerBuilder 2021 build 1506, as follows:
  • Removed the last of Appeon Mobile code
  • Removed the last of Appeon Web code
  • Added support for PowerTipText on all PB visual controls
  • Added support for TopwizWeb product


PowerTipText added to all visual controls that did not have this feature!


Actual working Demo App using the new TopwizWeb product!

     The latest Integrated framework version contains the following updates and has been tested with the latest MS-Windows 10 O/S (21H1 build 19043.1415), MS-Windows 11 O/S (21H2 build 22000.527), PB 2021 build 1506 and the PowerServer 2021 build #1.1.1. Testing inside of PB included Win32 (both P-code & M-code) and Win64 (P-code) deployments. Testing inside of PowerClient and PowerServer included both 32bit and 64bit deployments.

Note: All the STD frameworks are free and can be downloaded from its STD Foundation Classes SourceForge project website and licensed under Apache 2.0 open source.

Release 2022.1.0.281 - Major Release (2022R1) - change highlights ...
  1. Migrated the framework from being based on PB2021 Build 1311 to PB2021 MR Build 1506
  2. Removed the last of the framework code that supported the Appeon Mobile product (deprecated).
  3. Removed the last of the framework code that supported the Appeon Web product (deprecated).
  4. Revised "wn_profile_master" to add "AcceptText" command to make sure that all the entries are in the DWO's primary buffer
  5. Revised "wn_profile_model_master_e/f/s/i" revised code to format the Window title information better
  6. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" code to log PS2021 server interaction HTTP Response Status if Debug is ON
  7. Revised "nc_app_controller_master" code to adapt to PS2021 (technically different PS2020)
  8. Revised "vs_wb_master" to add code to all events to log all activity when in "Debug" Mode.
  9. Revised "wn_controller_master" code to fine tune "theme" & "track user" functionality
  10. Revised "wn_controller_master" code to better support PowerClient & PowerServer Apps.
  11. Revised "ns_sqlca_master" code to support PowerServer 2021 Begin Session
  12. Revised all visual controls to support frameworks new PowerTipText feature.
  13. Revised all "open_sheet_xxxx" global functions to automatically handle mouse pointer set/restore
  14. Revised the "ns_http_client_master" class to support the TopwizWeb product
      The OrderEntry example application and the Integrated Framework's Documentation has also been updated to the new Integrated Foundation class 2022R1 framework version. You can download the example application from here. Also, check out the online "getting started" video series to accelerate your assimilation of the best framework for PowerBuilder & PowerServer (Cloud) applications!

   STD would also like to thank Novalys Corporation for their support of the Foundation Classes by supplying the VisualExpert product for the framework's documentation. 


Regards ... Chris

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

STD Integrated Framework - PowerBuilder 2021 MS-Windows Explorer


** Hot News **

PowerBuilder - MS-Windows O/S Explorer

Updated for PB2021!

    Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce the release of its updated MS-Windows O/S System Explorer utility all written in PowerBuilder 2021 - build 1506! This utility demonstrates the power of using the STD Integrated Framework plus MS-Windows SDK calls to locate every running application, process, service, etc running in the entire operating system. The latest release contains the following upgrades ...
  • Migrated the code base from PB 2019R2 - build 2353 to PB2021 build 1506!
  • Updated the STD Integrated framework to the latest release (2022.1.0.281)
  • Updated MS-Window "Notifications" support to the PB2021 release
  • Revised Theme feature for PB2021 support
  • Added support for PowerClient & PowerServer 2021 feature set
  • Added support for MS-Windows 11 version 21H2 build 22000.527 
  • Added Machine Code (M-Code) compile project.
WinExplorer running on W10 using PB's Theme feature!

     This release is ready to deployment as either a PowerClient or PowerServer based application utilizing the PowerServer 2021 software. With the combination of the STD Integrated  Framework plus Appeon PowerServer - the MS-Windows Explorer application will now function in either native PB App Mode or Cloud mode!.
WinExplorer as a PowerClient App!

     Unlock the "Power" in PowerBuilder & PowerServer and download this free PB2021 utility application. Check out the prowess of the Integrated framework assisting the Windows Explorer application - click here to download!

Note: Older versions of the Windows Explorer utility can be found in the "Archive" sub-folder.

Enjoy ... Chris

Monday, March 7, 2022

Windows Notification Utility (2022.1.0.27)


Updated MS-Windows Notification Utility

PowerBuilder version 2021 build 1506!

     Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce a new MS-Windows Notification application built from the latest free open source STD Integrated Foundation Classes and specially designed for the latest Appeon PowerBuilder version PB2021 build 1506! The Foundation Classes provide most of the Notification Utility's functionality. Now also working for PowerClient and PowerServer based PB Apps as well!

         The notification utility application takes the notification information as a command line argument when calling the executable, for example (as follows):
pbnotify32p.exe Time=5,Name=STD Framework,Msg=This is a test message from the calling application!

Where ...

Time=nn          // Time to display (seconds)
Name=xxxx    // Application Name
Msg=xxxx      // User message to display

The resulting W10/11 notification would appear like so        ==>

 The notification application has the following uses ...
  • The application returns an O/S return code. +1 for OK and -1 for fail.
  • The application will only work in MS-Windows 10 and higher
  • Can be called from any Application EXE, Batch, PowerShell or Windows scheduler script!
  • Simultaneous messages can appear if the Application Name or message text are different.
    Due to the fact that the Notification application is built from the STD framework, logging is automatically performed so you can check the status of the notification processing, as follows:

Updated Notification Log uses latest STD Framework!

    The updated Notification application for Appeon PB2021 build 1506 can be downloaded and used for free from the SourceForge web site ... just click here!

   Check out how it can be called and how it actually works when called from another PB Application. Try the STD Framework example OrderEntry application.  

Note: this utility has also now been tested with the latest W10 and W11 O/S version & builds as well!