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Thursday, November 30, 2017

PB / IM 2017R1 - Localized Run-times

** Hot News **

Localized run-times for PB 2017R1

    Appeon have now just released the Localized Run-time Files for both the PowerBuilder and InfoMaker 2017 revision #1 (PB/IM2017R1) products. This distribution of localized run-time files is targeted for use only with build 1681 of the PowerBuilder and InfoMaker products. The localized run-time files are for all the product editions though, which are: Standard, Cloud, and Universal.

        The localized run-time files are provided for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish languages. With these localized run-time files, PowerBuilder / InfoMaker developers can now deploy applications with standard run-time dialog boxes in the local language of their Windows installation.

        You can download the localized files from the Appeon Download Portal.

Regards ... Chris

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

SQL Extract - Appeon PowerBuilder

** Hot News **

New SQL Extract version 17 

for Appeon PowerBuilder 2017


    Software Tool & Die Inc. (STD Inc) have just released a new version of the SQL Extract utility (version that can reverse engineer Appeon PowerBuilder's proprietary SQL format known as a PBSELECT into either ANSI, PL/SQL or T-SQL format from within any DataWindow (TM) object. The new version of the SQL Extract utility was designed to allow it to forward & reverse engineer the DataWindow source code from any Unicode based PowerBuilder library. This means that DataWindow source from PowerBuilder version 10 through PB 2017 can be parsed & the SQL run-time generated from a PBSELECT - just like when your DataWindows are actually running under control of your PowerBuilder based production applications! The utility will also identify DataWindows that are not using a PBSELECT format that may be already causing performance, migration or cross-DBMS issues.

    The output of SQL Extract is a textual based .SQL file that can be input directly into SQL syntax analysis  products like: SQL Parser; SQL Doctor; Aqua Data Studio; DB Optimizer; etc (to name a few products) for further SQL analysis, formatting, & tuning. STD successfully tested the new version of SQL Extract with SAP's latest SQL Anywhere 17 & ASE 16 as well as the Microsoft SQLServer 2017 DBMS system. SQL Extract can also handle other DB access mechanisms, such as: OLE-DB,, JDBC, OData. Support for the ODBC db driver is still standard, but the native db drivers are fully supported as per the Appeon PB 2017R1 product feature set. For older ASE databases, SQL Extract also supports the Open Client (SYC) native DB driver access mechanism.

    The new version of the SQL Extract utility will also work with Appeon's InfoMaker 2017 & PowerServer 2017 development tools as well, as those products also utilize DataWindow technology. The new features of SQLXTract v17 are as follows:
  • Migrated the App code to PB2017R1 - version
  • Revised SQL extraction logic to support "on the fly" DataWindow source conversion to PB2017R1 syntax
  • Tested SQL Extract with SA 17 and the new "PB Demo DB V2017" database
  • Removed the WinForm Target (now an obsolete PB feature)
  • Added new Project for 64bit deployment
  • Added support for the Informix DBMS & client
  • Added oData DB client support
  • Added JDBC DB client support
  • Added client support for the SAP ASE v15/16 DBMS
  • Added client support for the MS-SQLServer 2016/2017 DBMS
  • Added client support for the Oracle 12C DBMS
  • Tested SQL Extract with ASE 16 & SS 2017 DBMS

    The SQL Extract utility application is open source and thus royalty free to use. You can download the SQL Extract application source code from its current location on the SourceForge website.


Regards ... Chris

Friday, November 3, 2017

PowerBuilder 2018

** Hot News **

PowerBuilder 2018 - Sneak Preview

      Appeon is now working hard on the new PowerBuilder 2018 release for next year. At this years fall 2017 Elevate Conference, Appeon demonstrated to the attendees the new PowerBuilder 2018 the .NET C# Compiler and new C# Web API target now integrated right inside the PowerBuilder IDE! Appeon has just released a video to the public today so that all PB Developers can have a sneak peak at this new "kool" feature. So you too ... can check out this feature coming to PB2018 next year - click here to view! - and also see PB handle the new .NET Core technology as well in stride!

      If you also missed the amazing Elevate 2017 Conference, Appeon has now published the conference materials online on their website for everyone to access. For a full exposure to what you missed at the conference or a recap of the events from the attendee's perspective, please click here!


Regards ... Chris

PowerBuilder 2017 Universal Edition - MR02 released

** Hot News **

PowerBuilder 2017 - New Maintenance Release (MR02)

    Appeon have announced on October 31, 2017 that a new Maintenance Release (“MR”) #1689 for the Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 Universal Edition is available to download. This MR is targeted for PowerServer Mobile within the PB Universal Edition only and includes important bug fixes plus,  adding support for the iOS 11.x and Android 7.x operating system versions.  

Install the Maintenance Release
  • PowerBuilder Standard and Cloud subscribers should skip this MR. 
  • PowerBuilder Universal subscribers, if you’ve already installed the General Availability (“GA”) version, then you can directly install the new MR from the Downloads section from your User Center on the Appeon website.
  • For PowerBuilder Universal subscribers, if you have not yet installed PowerServer Mobile (PB Edition), you should first download the GA version of PB2017 and then apply MR #1689 from the Downloads section in your User Center.
Update your Apps
  • Make sure that you the re-deploy (full build) of your mobile apps with this latest PowerServer Mobile (PB Edition) once the MR is applied. 

Regards ... Chris