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Monday, July 6, 2015

Drag & Drop Into PowerBuilder!

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Drag & Drop Into PowerBuilder

Example Application!

    Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce a new example application built from the free open source STD Integrated Foundation Classes that demonstrates dragging files from MS-Windows Explorer into any PowerBuilder application. The Foundation Classes provide an automatic interface to the MS-Windows operating system that enables the Drag Into feature by setting one Window class property!

   The new DragDrop_Into.exe application is built using the latest version of the Integrated Foundation Class library utilizing PowerBuilder v12.1. However, the application is ready to migrate to PB 12.5.x or 12.6 using PB's built-in migration feature.

   The Drag & Drop INTO Example application can be downloaded from the SourceForge web site ... click here!

Enjoy ... Chris