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Friday, March 17, 2023

PowerBuilder 2022 - BASE64 Example

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STD Foundation Classes

Updated BASE64 Example Application released!


     Software Tool & Die Inc. today are very pleased to announce an updated Base64 Encoding / Decoding example application for Appeon PowerBuilder that was built from the latest STD Integrated Framework (version 2023.1.0.325) and the newest Appeon PowerBuilder PB2022 Maintenance Release release (build 1892). The highlights in this release are:
  • Migrated the code to PB2022 build 1892
  • Updated "Theme" support for PB2022
  • Updated "Corrupt" Base64 file handling check
  • Updated the BLOB processing feature for SQLAnyWhere v17 build
  • Converted Application Messages to use the new framework supplied "dw_messages_app_e" DataWindow object that is now used to store application specific messages.
  • Update the STD Framework to the latest version 2023.1.0.325
  • Tested the Base64 code on W10 version 21H2 build 19045.2728
  • Tested the Base64 code on W11 version 21H2 build 22621.1413
  • Updated for PowerClient 2022 App deployment
  • Updated for PowerServer 2022 App deployment

Base64 example from an ANSI text file!

     Base64 encoding and decoding is a critical  feature when processing XML and JSON files that contain binary datum. As well as using PowerBuilder's PBDOM feature, an XML DataWindow or interacting with Web Services that pass binary data back and forth (ie: JSON in a RESTFul web service). The received binary data will be in base64 encoded format - which is unusable to your PB application unless decoded (converted back) to its original binary state. Conversely, binary data that your PB application needs to send to other XML or JSON based applications must be converted (encoded) into the base64 standard.
PowerClient based Base64 example using Unicode text file!
Error handling for corrupt (incomplete) or wrong encoded Base64 files.

    The Base64 Example application utilizes standard Microsoft Base64 API's supplied by the MS-Windows O/S. These API's are now embedded in the framework's "nc_crypto_master" object class and easily called from your PowerScript code, as follows:
  • lo_crypto.of_base64_stringtobinary ( lblb_image , ls_base64 )

Base64 file translation into an image (or any other binary format for that matter)!

    The latest Base64 Example - along with the STD Integrated Framework is also able be used with PowerClient and PowerServer (Cloud) v2022 applications. Thus, the Base64 Example application can also be deployed to your favourite Web Server for convenient deployment. 
    You can download the Base64 Example application from the STD Framework's website by clicking here! You can also download either of the free open source STD frameworks for PowerBuilder, InfoMaker and PowerServer version 2022 by clicking here!
   Note: The Archive folder on SourceForge contains older versions of the PB Base64 application for older versions of PB!


Regards ... Chris

Thursday, March 16, 2023

PowerBuilder PB2022 PSR Report Viewer!

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PSR Viewer Application has just been updated!

    Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce a new version of the PowerSoft Report (PSR) Viewer (version 2023.1.0.30) application built from the latest free open source STD Integrated Foundation Classes and specially designed for Appeon PowerBuilder version PB2022 build 1892! The Foundation Classes provide most of the PSR functionality natively wrapped around the framework's DataWindow Control class! The PSR Viewer allows the user to view DataWindow reports that have been saved in PSR format from either Appeon PowerBuilder or InfoMaker. A .PSR file is actually the DataWindow Object source along with its Primary data buffer contents.

PSR App example showing Zooming, Rulers & Print Preview

   Included in this new release are also the ability to write to the MS-Windows 10/11  "Notification area" and also drag & drop external PSR files into the PSR Viewer for display. A much more intuitive feedback and way of working!

MS-Windows 10 Notification
Drag & Drop external PSR report files directly into the PSRViewer!

   The new PSRViewer.exe application is built using the latest version of the STD Integrated Foundation Class library (2023.1.0.325) utilizing PowerBuilder 2022 build 1892). The revised PSRViewer has also been extensively tested on the newer W11 Operating System as well with no issues. The new PSRViewer now also includes a new PowerClient project object for App deployment via that mechanism as well!

PSR Viewer under PB2022 using the new Themes feature.

   The updated PSR Viewer application for Appeon PB2022 can be downloaded from the SourceForge web site ... just click here! For older PB versions of the PSR viewer you can download them from here.

Enjoy ... Chris

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

PowerBuilder 2022 External Files Example

 * Hot News Item **

PowerBuilder 2022 - Drag & Drop External Files Example!


    Software Tool & Die Inc. (STD) are please to announce the new release of an STD Integrated Framework example application that utilizes the framework to implement External File Drag & Drop! The ability to drag & drop into a PowerBuilder application via the STD Framework has been feature for almost a decade. However, there was not a detailed example on how to perform this action except in the OrderEntry example application. The STD framework implements this by allowing the PB Developer to just set one property, coding one event and then directing the file name data to any standard native PB control!
    The External File Drag & Drop example application utilizes the STD Integrated Framework version 2023.1.0.345 release and the newest Appeon PowerBuilder 2022 release (build 1892) to locate external files dragged into any PB Application. In turn, the framework facilitates identifying external files coming into a PB application. This latest framework now also detects if the PB App is running in "ADMIN Mode" as well. This is important because external file drag & drop cannot be performed while the application is in that mode.
A list of External Files can be directed to any PB control!

    The Integrated framework allows the PB developer to enable the External Files Drag & Drop by just setting one property. The PB developer then just needs to code one event to handle the external file drop, as follows:
Three easy steps... a) Property ON, b) Code framework event, c) Use function to get file names!

     The STD External File Drag & Drop PowerBuilder example application can now be downloaded from the SourceForge website. Please click here to download & enjoy!

Regards ... Chris

Friday, March 10, 2023

Updated PowerServer 2022 Console

 Hot News!

Updated PowerServer Console Application!

Built using the STD Framework!

        Software Tool & Die Inc. are very pleased today to announce an updated  version of the PowerServer Console (2023R1) application for use with the Appeon PowerServer 2022 Web API application server! This latest release of the PowerServer Console application is all written in PowerBuilder 2022 and is also using the latest STD Integrated Framework (2023R1)!

    In the original release, the PS Console App could only monitor and if need be kill a PS2022 App "Session". Changes in this release also include:

  • Migrated the App code from PB2021 build 1506 to PB 2022 build 1892.
  • Replaced STD Integrated Framework from v2022.2.0.185 to version 2203.1.0.325
  • Incorporated the updated PB 2022 MS-Windows notification utility
  • Updated the Theme files to PB2022 build 11982
  • Revised the  Health Check Web API to work with PS 2022.
  • Revised the  Server API's Web API to work with PS 2022.
  • Tested the Base64 code on W10 version 21H2 build 19045.2673
  • Tested the Base64 code on W11 version 21H2 build 22261.1344
  • Incorporated the latest built-in Web Browser control (uses the latest Chromium engine).
PS Console App monitoring PowerServer "Sessions".

    One of the next features in the PS Console release now allows you to see the Web API's within the PS2022 server itself by using the API tab page. Note that the PS2022 Console's functionality is governed by the built-in exposed "internal" RESTFul web services within the PS2022 server itself. Check this API documentation feature and also then be able to execute them from inside the PS Console application itself, as well as follows:

PS Console displaying the RESTFul API's in  PowerServer 2021!

   The next new feature in the latest version of the PS Console is the ability to check the PowerServer's actual Heath. You can do this by selecting the new Health Tab in the PS Console application, as follows:
New PowerServer Health check feature at work!

    Software Tool & Dies have also recently updated the STD Integrated framework to handle PS Server outages without crashing the running PB App running with PowerServer. This allows the App User and/or Support team to see exactly what happened in a PB/PS App failure when its related to a PS2022 outage issue, network failure, Server not started, Killed session, etc by the type of failure reported.

 You can download the PS2022 Console and OrderEntry Demo App for PB/PS2021, as follows:

PS ConsoleDownload     OrderEntry:  Download 

   Enjoy ... please let me know what you think & if you have any feature suggestions that you might like for future versions!

Regards ... Chris

Thursday, March 9, 2023

PowerBuilder 2022 - MS-Windows Explorer

** Hot News **

PowerBuilder - MS-Windows O/S Explorer

Updated for PB2022!

    Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce the release of its updated MS-Windows O/S System Explorer utility all written in PowerBuilder 2022 - build 1892! This utility demonstrates the power of using the STD Integrated Framework plus MS-Windows SDK calls to locate every running process or service in the entire operating system plus now O/S features like drivers, input devices, environment settings, desktop use, etc! The latest release contains the following upgrades ...
  • Migrated the code base from PB2021 build 1506 to PowerBuilder 2022 build 1982!
  • Updated the STD Integrated framework to the latest release (2023.1.0.325)
  • Updated MS-Window "Notification" support for PB2022 compliance
  • Revised Theme feature for PB2022 support
  • Tested on MS-Windows 10 version 22H2 build 19045.2604
  • Tested on MS-Windows 11 version 22H2 build 22621.1344
  • Improved the Process Display dialogue speed by 5-10 times
  • Converted the App from an SDI into an MDI interface (new)!
  • Added WMI Support (new)!
  • Able to function in the O/S System Tray mode (new)!
Examples ...
Process Explorer dialogue running inside of WinExplorer!

WMI Explorer dialogue running inside of WinExplorer!

     This release includes Project Objects ready for 32 or 64 bit App deployment to Native (P-Code / M-Code), PowerClient or PowerServer based applications utilizing the PowerServer 2022 IDE. With the combination of the STD Integrated  Framework the MS-Windows Explorer application will now function in either native or Cloud modes!.

     Unlock the "Power" in your PowerBuilder and download this free PB2022 utility application. Check out the prowess of the free & open source Integrated framework as well assisting the Windows Explorer application at work - click here to download!

Note: Older versions of the Windows Explorer utility can be found in the "Archive" sub-folder.

Enjoy ... Chris