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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

AutoScript Enabling PowerBuilder Built-In Commands

** Hot Tip **

AutoScript Enabling Built-In Functions

     The PowerBuilder IDE has a great Auto-Scripting feature. However, it does not address PB's built-in commands. Sometimes also referred to as Global Functions. These commands though are used in a plethora of places in the average App.  Without AutoScript support though, it can be a laborious journey through the PB Help sub-system to quickly extract what you need to know.

     Here is a video little tip though that can auto-script enable all of PB's built-in commands (functions) for your entire App in just a few seconds ...

Click here to watch ... Enjoy!

Regards .... Chris

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Appeon Community - User Forum

** Hot News **

Appeon Community User Forum

    The new Appeon Community User Forum is now available to the PowerBuilder, InfoMaker, EAServer, Appeon Mobile & Appeon Web product based developers. The new user community is dedicated to enabling you to learn, share and get product help. The forum is open to everyone who is interested in the Appeon products or ones formerly available from Sybase.
    Please follow the Appeon Community link to begin your user experience & journey.

Regards ... Chris