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Thursday, June 18, 2020

PowerBuilder & PowerServer - New AscentialTest Released!

** Hot News **

  AscentialTest 9.6 Released!

Automate the Tests of PowerServer + PB Desktop Apps

Manipulate PowerBuilder objects and all types of DataWindows!

      Cut down testing costs and eliminate regression bugs at the same time!  Define your tests once and run them anytime: After a change, before a release, every day for continuous integration!

Automate the Tests of all PB and .NET Applications

  • PowerServer Web applications
  • PowerBuilder desktop and desktop Cloud apps
  • .Net web and desktop
  • and more...

You can now run tests created for your PB Desktop Apps against the PowerServer Web version without any changes. Validate that your PowerServer App works exactly the same as the Desktop version with the same tests. AscentialTest supports PowerBuilder applications from PB 6.x to PowerBuilder 2019 R2.

For more information on AscentialTest ...
  • IT organizations within North America  - click here
  • IT organizations outside North America  - click here

Regards ... Chris

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Elevate 2020 - Call for Presenters

** Hot News **

  Elevate 2020 - New Digital Conference

Join Appeon for Elevate 2020 Online

November 16 - 17, 2020

    Appeon is calling for presenters and collecting proposal submissions for the Elevate 2020 conference.  This will be a free digital conference hosted this year online so that you are no longer limited by time or physical location. Appeon hopes that you will participate as a presenter to make the Appeon community more vibrant by exchanging technical knowledge and experiences. Appeon are looking forward to seeing you online at Elevate 2020!

    Please submit any interesting topics that you are willing to share before September 30, 2020.  We welcome presentations on a broad range of topic areas, including but not limited to the following topic areas.

Featured Topic Areas
  • Desktop App Development: Sessions that are related to using PowerBuilder or InfoMaker to rapidly create client/server apps or reports.
  • Modern UI/UX: Sessions that are related to delivering a modern and effective UI/UX for your apps.
  • App Integrations & Interop: Sessions that are related to integrating with other applications or third-party services/tools.
  • Cloud Deployment: Sessions that are related to using PowerServer to deploy your client/server apps to the Cloud.
  • C# Development: Sessions that are related to using .NET DataStore to develop REST API or .NET assemblies.
  • C# Migration: Sessions that are related to using PowerScript Migrator and/or .NET DataStore to convert some or all of your application’s business logic.

To sign up as a Presenter - click here!

Regards ... Chris