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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Release (2015R4) of the STD "Integrated" FrameWork!

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 Integrated Foundation Classes (2015R4) Released!

 "THE" PowerBuilder Classic & Appeon Framework!

(v2015.4.0.43 - September 29, 2015)

   Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) is very pleased to announce that they have just released an updated version 2015R4 (2015.4.0.43) of their Integrated Foundation Class library for PowerBuilder "Classic", Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile!

   The latest version contains the following updates and has been tested with Appeon Appeon 2015.328.00 (GA) using the official MR (maintenance  releases) of PowerBuilder "Classic" versions 12.1, 12.5.1 and 12.6. Testing inside of PB included Win32 (both P-code & M-code) deployments while testing inside of Appeon included latest Web Browsers, latest Apple Tablet/Smart Phone and Android Tablet/Smart Phone  deployments.

Example of the DEBUG/SPY feature now available in iOS applications!

Release 2015.4.0.43 change highlights ...
  • Framework was system tested with: PowerBuilder Classic 12.1, 12.5.1 and 12.6; Appeon and 2015R1 (2015.0328.00); iOS 9.0.1 and Android 5.1.1 (both Smart Phone & Tablet); IE10/11; FireFox 40.0.3; Safari 5.1.7; Opera 32.0.1948.25; Chrome 45.0.2454.101,  Edge 20.10240.16384.0 )  
  • Added code to "FN_Open_Sheet_Window_WithParm" to check if the "base" name object class is being passed in.
  • Revised the code in "FN_Open_Tab_Page" class to log the proper class name being opened.
  • Revised the code in "FN_Open_Tab_Page_WithParm" class to log the proper class name being opened.
  • Created a new global function "FN_Open_User_Object" to handle generic User Object instantiation.
  • Created a new global function "FN_Open_User_Object_WithParm" to handle generic User Object instantiation.
  • Revised "FN_Open_Window" class to log the proper class name being opened.
  • Revised "FN_Open_Window_WithParm" class to log the proper class name being opened.
  • Added new instance variables to the "nc_app_controller_master" class as follows:
    1. Added ib_offline flag to allow support to take the application "Offline" for maintenance.
    2. Added new JVM Class to handle JavaVM processing capabilities.
    3. Added new "STD_FC_PB_EJB" PBL library to allow framework compiles for JVM entities.
  • Revised the "oe_open" event of the "nc_app_controller_master" class to handle the OFFLINE condition.
  • Added code in the "Destructor" event of the "nc_app_controller_master" class to handle the JVM.
  • Revised the "Constructor" event of the "nc_app_controller_master" class to handle the OFFLINE condition.
  • Revised the "wn_master" class' "oe_print_window" event to use the current Window's coordinates for printing.
  • Added a new "oe_syscommand" event to the "wn_master" class' to allow low-level O/S notifications to be monitored.
  • Revised the "wn_splash_master" class' "Timer" event to close the current dialogue sooner and not interfere with any animation.
  • Revised the "mu_application_master" class to display a new DEBUG menu option when in DEBUG mode.
  • Revised the "oe_close" event of the "nc_app_controller_master" class to close the Application Profile Tracing file if active.
  • Revised the "of_set_application_location" method of the "nc_app_controller_master" class to use a "/" at the end to conform to MOBILE standards.
  • Added the "of_get_profiler_trace" and "of_set_profiler_trace" methods to the "nc_app_controller_master" class to handle Application Profiling!
  • Added new "of_createjavavm" and "of_createinstance" methods to the "nc_app_controller_master" class to handle Java Class interaction!
  • Added code to the "DropDown" event of the "vs_dp_master" class to "Work Around" a Calendar display issue when the WeekNumber property is requested!
  • Added new "Profiling" CB to the "wn_debug_list_master" class to support Application Profiling!
  • Revised the "oe_PostConstructor" event of the "wn_log_viewer_master" class to fix issues in Appeon Mobile.
  • Revised the "oe_Delete" event of the "wn_master" class to return a completion code.
  • Added new "of_display_profile_information" method to the "nc_app_controller_master" class to new "Application PROFILE" display dialog (wn_profile_master).
  • Revised the "Key" event of the "nc_app_controller_master" class to Open the new "Application PROFILE" display dialog on CTRL+SHIFT+F2.
  • Created a new "wn_profile_master" class to enable/disable "Application PROFILE" tracing at any time in the PB Application.
  • Fixed an ImportFile ( ) issue with the "wn_log_viewer_master" window class so that the LOG would be viewable on Android devices (Appeon 2015.0328.00)!


1)  Continued performance improvements in the PB, Web and Mobile single source framework.
2)  Add more PB, Web and Mobile features (ie: controls, Active Directory, etc).
3)  Integrate Open Source tools like Spell Checking, OCR, Imaging, and more!
4) Add new GUI controls
5) Extend the IIS (Web Services) framework
6) Support for NFC communications and other new features.

The FC's are *free* and can be downloaded (along with a sample Order Entry application) from the SourceForge website!

Enjoy ... Chris

Appeon Seminar in Japan - October 2015!

Hot News

Upcoming Appeon Seminar in Japan

 Appeon Corporation

    After the huge success of the Appeon Seminar in Seoul Korea in September 2015, Appeon will continue their Asian seminar series in Tokyo on October 13, 2015. This seminar is brought together in collaboration with SAP Japan and PowerBuilder master distributor Nippon Computer Systems. Appeon expects about 100 companies in attendance with topics covered will include news about the SAP-Appeon partnership, future direction of PowerBuilder, customer demos, and demonstration of the new features in Appeon 2015.


Regards ... Chris

PowerBuilder Road-Map!

Hot News

PB Vision and Road-map Webcasts

     Appeon is planning to do a series of Webcasts to present the vision and road-map that are planned for PowerBuilder. The first webcast will be hosted at the end of October 2015 and will focus on explaining to the community Appeon's vision for PowerBuilder. The second webcast will be presented several weeks later and will focus on explaining to the community the high-level road-map planned for PowerBuilder. Finally, in early next year there will be a final Webcast in this series to explain to the PowerBuilder Community the detailed road-map that is planned for PowerBuilder.

     Stay connected with Appeon and get updates to the PowerBuilder road-map via the Appeon Website.
 Image result for powerbuilder logo
Regards ... Chris

Saturday, September 12, 2015

STD Web Service Framework - Service Pack#3

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PB Classic Web Service Framework Update!

     Software Tool & Die Inc are please to announce the release of their updated (Service Pack #3) Web Service STD Foundation Classes for IIs (STD FC IIs) version 2015.3.1.51. The updated Web Service IIs framework is solely targeted to helping PowerBuilder Classic developers, develop .Net based Web Services deployed to IIs. The IIs based framework takes advantage of RAD techniques - employes an MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture for superior performance, flexibility and extendability.
    All the STD frameworks are free and can be downloaded from its STD Foundation Classes SourceForge project website.

    The Web Service framework - while greatly improving the PB & Appeon developer's productivity - also includes these types of features to help with RAD based projects:
  • Helps the PB developer to Implement "stateless" programming
  • Does DBMS transaction management automatically
  • Manages DataStores for you automatically
  • Facilitates MS-Windows Power-Shell processing.
  • Facilitates  MVC design & programming
  • Provides Encryption / Decryption servicesProvides extended numerical services (ie: And / Or / Xor / Xand / etc features to PowerScript
  • Provides Result Set generation for any data
  • Provides HTML generation for any data
  • Allows STMP eMail generation
  • and much more!

    The main updates included in Service Pack #3 to the STD Web Service FC's for IIs include ... 
  • New INI value "WScript_Shell" (Y/N) that enables/disables WHScript usage.
  • Revised the "nc_powershell_master" class to handle Windows 10 IIs PowerShell processing properly.
  • Revised the "nc_powershell_master" class to use WinAPI versus "WScript.Shell".
  • Revised the "nc_powershell_master" class to log more information when in DEBUG mode.
  • Revised the "ns_sqlca_master" class to handle error conditions more effectively.
  • Revised the "nc_iis_master" class to better set the DEBUG mode based on a combination of the Project object and INI settings.
  • General code clean-up & optimization.
  • Tested with IIs on Windows 7, 8, 10, 2008R2 and 2012
 The STD Web Service framework is free and can be downloaded from its STD Foundation Classes SourceForge project website.

Regards   ... Chris

Friday, September 4, 2015

PowerBuilder Applications in the new Edge Web Browser!

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PowerBuilder Web Applications

Engage the new Windows10 EDGE Browser!

  The new Edge web browser launched with MS-Windows 10 has a new look & feel and technical architecture. Microsoft is currently planning for the Edge to become the standard browser in the MS-Window line with Internet Explorer eventually being retired.

OrderEntry PowerBuilder application running in the Edge browser!

   Last week, Appeon Corporation released a new version of Appeon Web product housed within its latest maintenance release version of the Appeon 2015 for PowerBuilder software release - MR#328. This new Appeon software version not only included support for the new W10 O/S but also included a hidden gem - Appeon`s first beta support for the Edge web browser. Now PowerBuilder developers can build and deploy their PB Applications to the web and have them run directly in the new Edge web browser using Appeon Web! Just like they can do today utilizing either the: IE, FireFox, Opera, or Chrome web browsers* - utilizing Appeon Web`s "leading edge" (sorry - no pun intended) web technology.

  Since I was testing my Web Service and Integrated Foundation Classes with the new MS-Windows 10 O/S, I decided to engage the Edge browser with my example applications. To my delight, the example OrderEnrtry application built from the STD Integrated framework worked flawlessly the first time running inside the new Edge web browser.

  At this time, Appeon Corporation do not claim that the new Edge browser is "officially" supported. However, their web browser plugin does seem to work very nicely with the Edge in my early testing.  If you would like to get a jump start on testing your Appeon Web based PowerBuilder applications in the new Edge browser, I would highly recommend downloading Appeon for PowerBuilder version 2015.0328.00.

* - please note that Appeon Web still works with the MS-Windows based Safari web browser. However, this browser is no longer supported by Apple and for this reason, Appeon will be discontinuing its plug-in support for this browser in the next release.

Regards ... Chris