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Thursday, July 26, 2012

PowerBuilder Videos

** Hot News **
Free PowerBuilder Tutorials on YouTube!

   SAP / Sybase's PowerBuilder Technical Evangelist John Strano has created a new YouTube area called SAPPowerBuilder where John has played a key role in defining and building content for this new "how to" series of PowerBuilder video education series vignettes!

   The new YouTube area already boasts various videos like ...

  • How to use DataWindow expressions to dynamically manipulate DataWindow property values at run-time
  • How to have multiple DataWindows share a single set of data buffers", "An overview of the three child DataWindow utilizations; Composite DataWindows, Nested Reports and DropDownDataWindows (DDDWs)
  • A demonstration and discussion of Data Intelligence in DataWindow technology within PowerBuilder
  • How to create your first DataWindow Object.
   If you are new to the PowerBuilder world or an experienced PB developer that wants to refresh your knowledge or learn about features that have changed in recent PowerBuilder releases - this free video area might just be the ticket! John also plans to release more videos soon - so make sure that you revisit the area often to see what's new.

   For more information or to watch the videos - please follow this link to SAPPowerBuilder!

Bio: John Strano is a Sybase Technology Evangelist and a charter member of TeamSybase. He has been using PowerBuilder since 1991 and has authored articles for multiple industry periodicals. John has presented Sybase tools on an international basis since 1997. Over the last 15 years John has developed a variety of PowerBuilder applications from single-user scaling up to enterprise-class, web-based projects.

Regards ... Chris

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Advanced PowerBuilder

** Hot News **

Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals - Part I
(available in August 2012 through ISUG)

     eLearnIT LLC, global independent provider of SAP Sybase PowerBuilder developer eTraining, Seminars and Workshops, in cooperation with the International Sybase User Group (ISUG), a trade association representing more than eight thousand members in more than sixty countries around the globe, is pleased to announce the general availability of its Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals eTraining series.

   The Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals, Part 1 course picks up where eLearnIT’s PowerBuilder Essentials course left off, going beyond the core concepts introduced in the earlier course. It provides ten, in-depth topics, that span the full breadth and scope of the PowerBuilder Classic platform. Each topic contains in-depth audio and text descriptions and video presentations accompanied by supporting hands-on lab exercises.
The new course topics are:
  1. Custom Class User Objects: Future-proofing your logic for maintainability, reuse and portability
  2. User Objects: Building reusable and dynamic GUI and framework code elements
  3. Object Orientation: Coding for reuse, efficiency and maintainability
  4. Error and Exceptions: Writing robust handlers using built-in platform APIs
  5. MDI Presentation Style: Enhancing the user experience through effective, consistent user interfaces
  6. Stored Procedure DataWindow Objects: Accessing and updating the database in a secure, high performance way
  7. DataWindow Buffer Access APIs: Acquiring an arsenal of tools for interacting with client-side data sets
  8. DataWindow Object Expression Language: Creating dynamic, informative and responsive data presentations
  9. Dynamic DataWindow Expression API: Adding runtime modifiable behaviors to DataWindow presentations
  10. Child DataWindow Objects: Achieving enhanced DataWindow data entry and providing effective data presentations

   For more information on this great new course, please follow this link to the ISUG website.

Regards ... Chris

PowerBuilder Virtual User Group

** Hot News **

North American - PowerBuilder Virtual User Group

    Come join ISUG on Tuesday July 31, 2012 for the next meeting of the North American PowerBuilder Virtual User Group.  This month, PowerBuilder Guru Yakov Werde will be answering your questions in our "Ask the Expert" session.  You will be able to submit your question(s) when you register and Yakov will try to answer as many as he can in the time permitted.

   Please note that this meeting is for ISUG members only. Non-members must join ISUG before registering. Associate Members will be assessed a $30 fee to attend the session, but will also be upgraded to Basic Membership as part of their registration unless a different membership option is selected during the registration process. There is no charge to attend for existing Basic, Green and Gold members.


Location: Your Computer!
When:  Tuesday, July 31st, Noon-1pm EDT.
To Register: click here


About the Speaker:  Yakov Werde, a 25 year IT industry veteran, is a member of TeamSybase and a Sybase MVP. Yakov is a recognized consultant, author, speaker and trainer who has been designing and delivering PowerBuilder, .NET, EaServer, Web App Development, and Java training for over 15 years to corporate, military and government developers. Prior to discovering his aptitude as an educator, Yakov worked as an architect, project manager, application coder in the trenches of application software developmentand managing partner of eLearnIT LLC (, specializes in PowerBuilder .NET migration.  He also authors and delivers workshops and web based eLearning tutorials to guide professional developers toward PowerBuilder Classic and .NET mastery. Follow Yakov on Twitter as @eLearnPB

Regards ... Chris

Monday, July 16, 2012

Appeon 6.5.1 - Official MR

** Hot News **

  Appeon Corporation has just released an official maintenance release to their Appeon Web product. This is version 6.5.1 build 1045 that encompasses maintenance release #104. This MR is for all versions of Appeon (Developer, Server and Web Component).

Appeon 6.5.1045 Download Links - Maintenance Release for Windows  ...

32bit Version:

64bit Version:

MR #104 addresses the following issues ...
  • FileWrite cannot work in StreamMode.
  • Under DW QueryMode, the DW SQL uses the alias name of table, but the converted SQL uses the real name of table.
  • Embedded SQL Update Clob column has issues in PB 12 or later.
  • When the Evaluate expression contains space, the DW Describe function returns incorrect value.
  • The SpellChecker DLL cannot be called in 64-bit IE.
  • For the dynamically created Crosstab DataWindow, if the first data retrieval returns 0 (no data), then the second data retrieval will cause Crosstab DW to disappear.
  • Immediately after the user selects WebSphere or WebLogic or EAServer 6.x in the Connection Cache Profiles window in Appeon Developer, there is no message that tells user this is unsupported server
  • InputFieldLocate function caused IE crash.
  • When calling the procedure, Appeon Server cannot find the procedure, because it did not pass the user name.
  • When inputting millisecond in a DataTime column, the value is incorrect, for example, input 02/22/12 10:47:09:050 in a column with format "mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss:fff", the value changes to 02/22/12 10:47:09:500.
  • If you set the printer to "Print on both sides", and then call the PrintDataWindow function to print the DataWindows in one print job, the second side will be always printed using the same margin as the first side.
  • Deploy log cannot display in the expected format in IE 9.
  • When there is more than one result set for a stored procedure, SQLCode returns -1 in PB, while returns 100 in Appeon.
  • SaveAs XML, for example dw_1.SaveAs(s_filename, XML!, false) failed to store data whose row status is DataModified!, however it can store data whose row status is NewModified! or NotModified!.
  • If the DataWindow object takes retrieval arguments but none is passed, the DataWindow control prompts the user for them, however, this prompt window did not display in Appeon Web application.
  • Filereadex cannot read BMP file into blob variable in StreamMode; when reading BMP file into string variable in LineMode, it will cause IE crash.
  • When a DataWindow is dynamically created, JBoss reports a warning in console "Closing a result set you left open! Please close it yourself."
  • Using the Round, Abs, or Truncate function to handle the decimal data will produce a slightly different result in Appeon, for example, round(64.1) = 64.0999999999999900 which produces a very slight difference 0.00000000000001.
  • When dynamically add items to the first-level menu, some items failed to add, and when dynamically adding items to the second-level menu, IE crashed.
  • When setting the Run Mode Settings to "Test Mode" in AEM, calling the of_callwebservice function will report error "Internal error. Please contact the system administrator."

Note: For more information on Appeon 6.5.1 or to download other versions of MR#104 (Unix or Linux), please visit the Appeon website - click here!

Regards .... Chris

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SQL Power Tools

** Hot News **

New ISUG Partner!

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Sql Power Tools (SPT), the industry leader in Zero Impact database monitoring, today announced the release of: 

Stealth Bottleneck (wait type) and End-user Experience Database Monitor 

PRESS RELEASE May 17, 2012:
Stealth Bottleneck (wait type) and End-user Experience Database Monitor:
TheServer Bottleneck and End-user Experience Database Monitor performs agentless monitoring of wait types, wait times, I/O bottlenecks, end-user response time, SQL performance, performance counters, blocking and SQL jobs. The wait types (600+ that a database server posts) causing SQL statements and stored procedures to not complete on a timely basis due to resource contention or being queued due to a lack of available resources are monitored. Wait type wait times are tracked by SQL statement, stored procedure, wait type, database and the end-user client. Reducing SQL wait time -> reduces end-user response time -> improves server throughput. In most cases this can eliminate an expensive and unnecessary hardware upgrade. In two mouse clicks the resource that SQL is waiting on can be viewed.

Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent (free):
Each Server Bottleneck and End-user Experience Database Monitor license includes a free Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent license. It non-intrusively sniffs the SQL packet flow. 100% of the SQL activity is captured with the complete SQL text, bind parameters and end-user response time. It has a low 1% overhead and does not connect to the monitored server. It is similar to a ZERO impact SQL profiler or trace facility. In 24 hours it can pinpoint every poor performing SQL request with 100% accuracy. Agent usage is optional, install the agent at any time. It allows any form of production server change to be precisely measured since the end-user response time before and after a change can be accurately measured. For example hardware upgrades, configuration changes, index changes, SQL code changes, implementation of new software releases, etc.

For more information, follow this link: SQL Power Tools

Regards ... Chris