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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reporting Studio 2015 - Beta

** Hot News **

Reporting Studio for PowerBuilder

    A new version of Reporting Studio, NRS 2015, will be officially released in the near future. Novays are pleased to announce the start of an NRS 2015 Beta program in a few days that will allow early adopters to investigate the new NRS 2015 features.

Here are some of the new feature highlights:

  • Scheduler: generate your reports automatically (daily/weekly/monthly and so on...)
  • View reports in web browser!
  • A .NET version of the server.
  • Call the Report Maker component from your PB application!
  • Color improvements to Graphs.
  • Support for Cross-tab reports.
  •   - Rules can be based on computed fields
  •   - Rules can include AND and OR operators, in a simple way or in an advanced one
  • Graph plugin in Customization window
  • More functions available in Graph properties
  • Revision of Repository Manager
  • Performance improvement (report editing)
  • Zoom and print options in Report Viewer
  • Retrieval limit

    If you would like to test these new features for the general PB community, please join
Novalys for the Beta program - just click here to apply!

Also ... check out the Worldwide PowerBuilder Survey!

Regards .... Chris

Monday, February 23, 2015

Appeon Mobile - Online Payments

** Hot News **

Make Online Payments via Appeon

Image result for paypal iconAppeon Adds PAYPAL Support!

Appeon Developers
     Many Appeon customers have requested the ability to make online payments on their mobile devices. Appeon Corporation has responded by adding an API to their Appeon Mobile 2015 product which enables developers interact with the PayPal system. This feature takes advantage of the already numerous iOS, SDK, APIs, and Android SDK APIs to access the native features of the target mobile device.

   At the current stage, Appeon supports PayPal system only. Below is the sample code for making an online payment via PayPal ....

------------------------------------ PayPal code snippet ------------------------------------
eon_mobile_paymentex lnv_payment
eon_mobile_str_paymentinit lstr_paymentinit
eon_mobile_str_paymentsubmit lstr_paymentsubmit
integer li_re

lnv_payment = create eon_mobile_paymentex
//bind oe_paymentok, oe_paymentcancel, oe_paymentfailed, and oe_error events of lnv_payment with
//ue_paymentok, ue_paymentcancel, ue_paymentfailed, and ue_error events of the parent window.
lnv_payment.of_register ( parent, "ue_paymentok", "ue_paymentcancel", "ue_paymentfailed", "ue_error")

//initialize platform

//initialize payment
lstr_paymentinit.s_clientid = "AXMNlBBgmfChHPgrMAtrrdTtkWk52THb9Hl54uZ6vASDWSOll8"
li_re = lnv_payment.of_init (lstr_paymentinit)

if li_re = 1 then
//submit payment
lstr_paymentsubmit.dbl_countmoney = 9.99
lstr_paymentsubmit.s_currency = "USD"
lstr_paymentsubmit.s_productname = "shoes"

li_re = lnv_payment.of_submit (lstr_paymentsubmit)
if li_re = 1 then
MessageBox ("","Payment is successful!")
MessageBox ("","Payment failed!")
end if
MessageBox("","Failed to initialize payment!")
end if

destroy lnv_payment

Image result for paypal icon
  For more information on this and other great Appeon features, check out the Appeon for PowerBuilder product (click here). Also, don't forget to join the Appeon discussion group on LinkedIn for more tips & techniques .... Discussion.


Regards ... Chris

Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 PB Conference - Here I Come!

 appeon logo25


** Hot News **

2015 PowerBuilder Conference

Charlotte, North Carolina

   Once again, I was extremely pleased to be invited back to present at the best PowerBuilder focused conference in North America located in Charlotte, North Carolina running on May 7/8/9, 2015. This year I am presenting a whole series of topics!

Here is a tentative list and schedule of my presentations ...
Wednesday May 6
  • Modern Web UI & Image Management - 9:30am - 11:00am
  • Webifying Existing Apps - 12:45pm - 1:45pm
  • SSL in Appeon/Web - 1:45pm - 2:45pm

Thursday May 7
  • Getting started with STD "Web Service" Framework (both together from 8am - 12noon
  • Getting started with STD "Integrated" Framework   (both together from 8am - 12noon
  • Active Directory in PB/Web/mobile - 12:45pm - 2:15pm
  • PB/Web/mobile & web services - 2:15pm - 3:45pm

Friday May 8
  • Multi-threaded Service Apps - 10:30am - 12noon
  • Cloudifying web/mobile Apps - 12:45pm - 2:15pm
  • Webifying/mobilizing AIRMAN - 2:15pm - 3:45pm

   I hope to see many faces from the 2014 conference and meet many more new attendees this year! I believe that this is "THE" PowerBuilder conference to attend if you are totally focused on PowerBuilder & Appeon development! The conference will also be showcasing PowerBuilder courses from Yakov Werde, PowerBuilder.Net presentations from Bruce Armstrong, SAP Senior VP in charge of PowerBuilder - Dirk Boesmann, PB Evangelist John Strano, Appeon CEO Armeen Mazda, Novalys CEO Christophe Dufourmantelle and many more talented PB & Appeon presenters!

  Also, many thanks to Novalys and Appeon corporations for sponsoring the event again this year!

For more information on the event & how to register ... click here!

Regards ... Chris