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Monday, November 25, 2013

PowerBuilder Conference (March 2014)


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PowerBuilder Conference

     The North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group and Appeon, Inc. are proud to present the Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference (CPBC) to be held at the Center City Campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in March of 2014.

Sponsored by: appeon logo25.jpg

    The CPBC intends to bring together many of the top application and database developers from the SAP PowerBuilder world to Charlotte for a three day event to spur innovation, share insight, and foster collaboration. The conference will feature a mix of plenary and break-out sessions, in depth focus topic training, and product demonstrations with a focus on mobile application cross-over, bringing data to and from the cloud, current user engagement ideals, and refactoring older code.

    As an added bonus, and as a tribute to the unparalleled rapid application development capabilities of PowerBuilder, an application 'Code Off' contest will also take place where development teams will be tasked with creating a usable application in only two hours. The winners will be determined by vote of the conference attendees.

Dates: March 5,6,7 2014

   The conference will focus on mobile application cross-over, bringing data to and from the cloud, current user engagement ideals, and refactoring older code. CPBC also aim to offer a variety of technical training issues geared towards intermediate PowerBuilder developers. If you have developed a class for in-house training, please consider sharing it with the community.

 For more information on the conference, click here!

regards ... Chris

Thursday, November 21, 2013

PB Annoucement Coming Soon From SAP

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Official SAP PowerBuilder Roadmap



   It was reported on PowerBuilderTV this week that SAP will be announcing some major news around the PowerBuilder development software. It is rumoured that SAP will officially add PB to its supported product price book and announce the next version of PB along with a road map.

  Apparently, SAP will make these announcements during the PB World Tour in Germany on December 3, 2012 PBUGG (PowerBuilder User Group of Germany). It is also stated that Michael Redford (SAP BIT) and Robyn Chan (Senior Vice President, Head of Mobile Platform, SAP AG) will join the conference in Walldorf to present the Official SAP PB Road-map.
   The Official SAP PB Roadmap will also be presented during other stops of the PB World Tour, including Italy (Dec 5-6) and Paris (Dec 10-11).  You can read all about the PBTV announcement by clicking here.

  Also, plan to attend the North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group's (NCPBUG) conference in March 2014 where SAP is expected to reveal more information on the new PowerBuilder release! You can read all about this 3 day conference by clicking here!

Stay tuned to this blog for more information as this news item develops.

Regards ... Chris

Monday, November 18, 2013

Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta

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Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta1 Released!

     Appeon Corporation is pleased to announce Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta – Round 1 (V1) of testing is now available! In this release, the big feature announcement is for the support of  “Android” based devices. Now developers can easily and quickly build native Mobile apps from PowerBuilder with native device performance for cross- OS platforms, including Apple iOS and Google Android, without the hassle-free rewriting found in other vendors solutions!

     Last year, Appeon built Appeon Mobile for iOS devices, which has now been tested by nearly 1,000 companies worldwide. This was Appeon's first step into the world of mobile and they were thrilled with the reception. Now, with these proven design patterns and framework features, from Appeon Mobile to support for Web on both major mobile platforms - it’s the perfect fit for building native cross-platform mobile apps with only one deployment.

    Appeon encourages you to register for the beta program and evaluate this program for yourself. As an early adopter, you will not only have the opportunity to interact with Appeon engineers very closely but also influence what the final release will look like as well as the product roadmap. The future is full of possibilities, and we look forward to your success.

    Appeon would also love to have a look at the apps you’ve created! Sharing your apps will help inspire other PowerBuilder developers and further the development of Appeon Mobile.

   To get updates on Appeon beta news as well as training session, stay tuned to us via Appeon Beta Center.
Appeon Corporation
Regards  ... Chris


Friday, November 15, 2013

Appeon Mobile 1.5 & Web 6.6 Released!

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Appeon Corporation 
   Appeon Corporation is pleased to announce the immediate official release of the Appeon Mobile 1.5 and Appeon Web 6.6.0299.01 products for PowerBuilder Classic on November 14, 2013! Appeon has added some key new features, enhancements to exiting features and of course some minor bug fixes.

   Here is a summary of the key changes:

New features for Mobile:
  • Supports Offline Mode (MobiLink).
  • Supports iOS 7.
  • Adds a new parameter EnabledLocalDB in DBParm property to allow connecting with a local UltraLite or SQLite database. This parameter takes effect in the Appeon Mobile only.
  • Enhances the parameter CacheName in DBParm property to be able to connect with a local UltraLite or SQLite database. This parameter takes effect in the Appeon Mobile only.
  • Supports using PB MLSync object to synchronize the local UltraLite database with the server-side consolidated database via the MobiLink server.
  • Adds APIs (of_checkUpdate and of_applyUpdate) to check and apply updates for the offline application. You can use these APIs to check with the Appeon Server if there are any updates for the application and install the updates if necessary.
  • Adds API (of_checkappeonserver) to detect if the Appeon Server exists.
  • Adds API (of_applyDBUpdate) to update the local database files.
New features for Web:
  • Supports the DataWindow object property.
  • Supports the DropDownCalendar property of the EditMask control.
  • Supports the ToolbarUserControl property of the Application object.
  • Supports the IE11.
  • Supports using the Loadruner parametric ESQL and Datawindow arguments.
   For more details and information on how to download, please visit Appeon's website (click here)

 Regards ... Chris

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ISUG-Tech Conference

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ISUG-TECH Conference, April 14-17, 2014
Atlanta, GA, USA

Calling ISUG-TECH Members,

ISUG-Tech are pleased to announce that the general call for papers for their 2014 conference in Atlanta, GA, is now open!

If you are interested in submitting a session (or sessions) for this conference, please visit our conference homepage ( ) for all of the details on how you can do so. All speakers with accepted sessions will receive complimentary entrance passes to the conference. ISUG-Tech are looking for innovative sessions for this event, as well as the typical lecture sessions that our attendees will want to see.  They are also aiming for the majority of the content at this conference to be provided by end users who can share their real world experiences, tips-n-tricks, best practices, etc., with the attendees.  ISUG-Tech strongly believe that is the type of content people want to see and so that's what we're aiming for.

Be part of the process and consider submitting a session today ( ).  Actual presentations will not be due until March 2014 so there's plenty of time to create the session itself, but all abstracts need to be submitted no later than Dec 5th.

Membership is not required to submit a session, so feel free to forward this to anyone you think may be interested in participating.

Regards .... Chris

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta

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Deploy your PowerBuilder Apps to Android

 Appeon 2.0 Beta ...

Appeon Mobile 2.0 Beta
androidGet Your Beta Accounts Now!
Be the first to deploy apps for Android with PowerBuilder!
Appeon plans to launch the Beta version of Appeon Mobile for Android in mid November. We're looking for people with all kinds of PowerBuilder development experience to participate in this beta program.
If you're interested, don't miss the opportunity to get your beta account.
*If you have previously participated in the Appeon Mobile 1.0 beta testing program you will be automatically entered into the Appeon Mobile 2.0 beta program.

Regards ... Chris