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Thursday, December 17, 2015

STD Foundation Classes - Download Statistics

Thank you!

    I thought that many PowerBuilder developers might be interested in some of the year over year download statistics from the STD Foundation Classes frameworks. These frameworks are designed for use in with native PB Classic (P-Code, M-Code, Winform), Web Services, EAServer, Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile based applications. The original version 1.0 of what is now called the integrated framework was first published in 1992 and was adopted by many Canadian Government departments throughout the early 1990's. In the latter part of that decade and into the early 2000's, many other US government departments and then North American and European private organizations also started using the initial framework. 

    From the initial single framework, it then bloomed into various versions that included the famous PocketBuilder mobile product. The next major evolution of the Foundation Classes was the consolidation of the 1/2 dozen frameworks into one single Integrated framework for all client based applications. Then the migration of the EAServer framework into what is known today as the Web Service framework. These two frameworks now form the pillars of many PowerBuilder and Appeon applications in production use today around the world!

     The following screen capture statistics from the actual SourceForge's website show the download activity of the STD frameworks over the past 5 years. It is very interesting and pleasing to me to see the download volume more than doubling in 2015 since 2012!

2015 ( still in progress - not final)






     For those of you who have adopted the frameworks, I hope that your experiences with the STD Foundation Classes has been enlightening as to what you can build with PowerBuilder. For those of you who have not tried the frameworks or are just downloading them now - welcome to the best framework for PowerBuilder and Appeon in use today!

Happy holidays!

Regards ... Chris