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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


** Hot News **

Building SOA Applications with PowerBuilder

   eLearnIT LLC, global independent provider of  SAP PowerBuilder developer eTraining, seminars workshops and application consulting, in cooperation with the Independent SAP Technical User Group (ISUG-Tech) is pleased to announce the general availability of the online version of its Building SOA Applications with PowerBuilder, WCF & IIS workshop. The workshop sports comprehensive, challenging lab exercises during which a developer will use the full range of PowerBuilder .NET’s WCF capabilities to code a comprehensive business and logic service layer and deploy it into IIS.  Using a best practice approach, they will alter a WPF rich GUI client application to access that logic.

At the end of the workshop a developer should be able to
  • Comfortably navigate the PowerBuilder VS .NET IDE to code and deploy client and service non-visual objects
  • Recognize and implement best practice PowerBuilder client and service coding patterns that should be implemented during a client/server to a SOA migration or new SOA application
  • Use the PowerBuilder Classic 12.5, PowerBuilder .NET 12.5 and MS IIS 7.5 to code & deploy basic client & server elements of a multi-tiered (distributed) application using both REST and SOAP based WS technologies
  • Modify and configure a Classic PowerBuilder application to function as a web service client
  • List and define the main features of .NET 4.0 WCF and use PowerBuilder .NET tools to configure both client and service elements to conform to them
  • Use the Web Service DataWindow to access services, recognizing its strengths & limitations
  • Use ADO.NET connection pools and IIS application pools to improve performance
  • Properly choose among service instance models for various kinds of service logic
  • Configure clients and services for Per-Instance, Per-Session and Singleton access
  • Configure services and clients to report and handle processing faults (exceptions)
  • Design, deploy and configure data centric logic in a robust transactional manner
  • Configure services for use in durable transactional scenarios and code clients to recognize and respond to transactional failure
  • Recognize, list and describe Security issues and discuss how WCF & PowerBuilder .NET addresses them
  • Deploy and configure services and clients using various Authorization and Access mechanisms

For details on getting started, an information about eLearnIT’s other acclaimed PowerBuilder courses and multi-developer discounts visit

Regards ... Chris

Sunday, July 28, 2013

PB Central

** Hot News **

New PowerBuilder Website - PowerBuilder Central

What is PowerBuilder Central

All the latest news on all things PowerBuilder.
   PowerBuilder is the most productive way to build data-driven, business applications.
Whether you wish to develop desktop, web or mobile applications, this site brings together resources from around the web to create a single source for your PowerBuilder needs.


  • Visit this section to find a consultant operating in your area. Their contact information and competencies are listed: development, version, web and mobile migration.  


  • A list of resources available to train developers in PB.


  • Upcoming PowerBuilder events around the world.  

Discussion Groups:

  • Have a PowerBuilder related question? 
  • Try posting it in one of these forums.


  • Hear what the experts have to say about PowerBuilder.   

Success Stories:

  • Find out why and how companies are using PowerBuilder for their enterprise applications.

To find out more ... click here: 


Regards ... Chris

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PBTV - August, 2013

** Hot News **

Upcoming webinars on PowerBuilderTV


Deploy Legacy PocketBuilder Apps onto Modern Mobile Devices

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

9:00am PST (Los Angeles) / 18:00 CET (Paris)

During this presentation, Scott Ewine, Industry Solution Executive at Ventyx, an ABB Company, will show you how they've been able to move their  legacy PocketBuilder Applications onto Modern Mobile Devices like iOS and Android in only 2 hours with Appeon Mobile.  Some of the key requirements for the application will be discussed.

Presenter: Scott Ewine

A SaaS System Written in PB/Appeon

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

at 8:00 AM PDT (Los Angeles) - 17h00 CET (Paris)

This webinar will give you an interesting overview of the system and technology used in a SaaS system written in PB and Appeon as well as dive into some technical details. Gian Luca De Bonis will talk about the "client" module, web services, multilingual implementation for both UI and data, the scripttron programming language and the related command processor, and the graphic ActiveX used.

Presenter: Gian Luca De Bonis

Regards ... Chris


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Refer a Friend

** Hot News **
ISUG-TECH Refer A Friend

   By referring a friend to join ISUG-TECH, you will be providing that friend a membership discount and you too can be a winner too!

Your name will go into a monthly drawing for a $50 Gift card and your name will then stay in the pot to increase your chances of winning in the draw month-after-month.For each friend you refer to ISUG-TECH, you will be offering that friend a 10% discount on their ISUG-TECH Gold Membership. Five key benefits of an ISUG-TECH Gold Membership are:
  • Special 39% "Techie" discount to SAP's TechEd Conference in Las Vegas (Oct. 21-25)
  • Wide range of other attractive business and personal discounts, plus access to free software for own use
  • ISUG-TECH Journal mailed directly to you, plus online access to further technical information on ASE, HANA, IQ, PowerBuilder, Replication Server, PowerDesigner, etc.
  • Invitations to ISUG Technical Webcasts
  • Privileged access to hands-on training sessions and roadshow events
Simply provide your contact information and your friend’s contact information and if your friend joins, you'll get a chance to win the $50 prize! To give your friend an extra incentive, ISUG-TECH will give him or her a chance to win too for joining as well! There is also no limit on the number of referrals.

And it gets even better ... with every referral you get, you will be awarded points towards the grand prize - a complimentary ISUG-TECH Gold membership valid for three years! Remember, these points accumulate throughout the year until December 15, 2013 when we'll notify the winner.

Look for the special email sent to all ISUG-TECH members about this opportunity starting in July, 2013!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


** Hot News **

    ISUG-TECH wants to let their Gold Members know that they can attend SAP's TechEd Conference in Las Vegas, October 21-25, 2013, for a special discounted price!

  SAP has made available a limited number of special "lecture only" passes that can be purchased for just $1695, a $1100 savings of the cost of the full conference pass. These passes are available only to ISUG-TECH Gold Members, and enable the pass holder to attend all keynotes, lecture sessions and special events at the conference, along with access to the exhibit hall and clubhouse. (Holders of the pass will not be able to register for or attend any hands-on workshops.)

   These special passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of available passes  is limited, so do not wait until the last minute to register – you may be too late! Registration instructions are available on the 'My Benefits' page for Gold members.

  Regards ... Chris

Sunday, July 7, 2013



** Hot News** 

Appeon Mobile Survey

    Appeon Corporation needs your help ... to be more specific, they need your thoughts and opinions!

    Appeon are now conducting a survey on collecting information about how Sybase's MobiLink product is used in real-world mobile apps.  The data generated from this survey will help Appeon better design their mobile offline features in Appeon Mobile 1.5. This in turn, will better serve the needs of Appeon Mobile application users.

    So, Appeon is inviting you to participate in this survey, just (click here).

   If you’re unable to take in this survey, please pass this survey information and link to your coworkers, end users or friends who build mobile apps and use MobiLink! Appeon's customer input is very important to them and they will take your suggestions into consideration very seriously.

   Appeon thanks you in advance for your support, contribution and appreciates your time and effort to help direct their development efforts.

Regards .... Chris