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Friday, February 19, 2021

STD Framework - PowerBuilder Multi-Media Player

New for the STD Framework & PB2019R2!

    Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce the release of its new all PowerBuilder built MS-Window's Multi-Media Player example application all written in PowerBuilder 2019R2 - build 2353! This application demonstrates the power of using the STD Integrated Framework plus its new "vs_ole_media_player_master" object class. The application was designed with the following in mind:
  • Built with PB 2019 R2 - build 2353!
  • Utilizing the STD Integrated framework latest release (2021 R1)
  • Uses MS-Window' 10 "Notifications"
  • Built to use PB2019 R2's Theme features. 
  • Can be run as an O/S System Tray application!
Media Player in action on an MP3 music stream

Media Player in action on an MP4 movie stream

     The MultiMedia Player will allow local files to be played & viewed from your local machine. It is also designed to allow media data streams to be played and viewed from any valid URL across the internet. The MultiMedia Player supports the following formats: .MOV, .MP3, .MP4, .AVI, .WTV, .MID, .MKA, .MKV, .MV4, .WAV, .WMV, just to mention the main types. More music and video formats are also supported as well.
Use various media sources from your PC or across the internet!
    Your MultiMedia play list is also always at your finger tips using the STD Frameworks ability to add a User Object(s) to the main Menu Toolbar on an Main or MDI Frame.

   Unlock the "Power" in PowerBuilder applications by using the STD Integrated framework! The MultiMedia Player is just one example is just one example of building a  PB application from this powerful all free & open source framework - click here to download the MultiMedia Player example application!
Tip: Use the "vs_ole_media_player_master" object class from the framework to add live application "how to" videos to your PB business applications! 

Enjoy ... Chris

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

STD Integrated Framework - PowerBuilder PB2019R2 PSR Viewer

** Hot News **

PSR Viewer Application updated!

    Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce a new version of the PowerSoft Report (PSR) Viewer (version 2021.1.0.15) application built from the latest free open source STD Integrated Foundation Classes and specially designed for Appeon PowerBuilder version PB2019R2! The Foundation Classes provide most of the PSR functionality natively wrapped around the framework's DataWindow Control class! The PSR Viewer allows the user to view DataWindow reports that have been saved in PSR format from either Appeon PowerBuilder or InfoMaker. A .PSR file is actually the DataWindow Object source along with its Primary data buffer contents.

PSR App example showing Zooming, Rulers & Print Preview

   Included in this new release are also the ability to write to the MS-Windows 10  "Notification area" and also drag & drop external PSR files into the PSR Viewer for display. A much more intuitive feedback and way of working!

MS-Windows 10 Notification
Drag & Drop external PSR report files directly into the PSRViewer!

   The new PSRViewer.exe application is built using the latest version of the STD Integrated Foundation Class library (2021.1.0.129) utilizing PowerBuilder 2019 R2 build 2353). However, the application is already ready to migrate to the new PB2019 R3 using Appeon PB IDE's built-in App  migration feature.

PSR Viewer under PB2019R2 using the new Themes feature.

   The updated PSR Viewer application for Appeon PB2019R2 can be downloaded from the SourceForge web site ... just click here! For the PB2019 R3 version, you can download the beta PSR Viewer version from here!

Note: Older versions of the PSR viewer can be downloaded from here.

Enjoy ... Chris