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Friday, February 11, 2022

PowerServer 2021 - PowerBuilder Console Application

PowerServer 2021 Console Application

Built using the STD Framework!

 Hi Everyone;

    I just wanted to make everyone aware that I have a new PB2021 utility App for PowerServer 2021 built from the STD Framework.  It is a utility that is the 1st version of what I hope to be later on a more robust "PowerServer Console" Application for PowerServer2021 and higher.

    Currently, the PS Console App can only monitor and if need be kill a PS2021 "Session". This limited functionality is governed by the built-in exposed "internal" web services of PS2021. You can see these in your PS2021 server by using the following URL: http://localhost:5008/swagger/index.html (replacing your PS's Port# with the one you use).  I plan to expand this functionality as Appeon Engineering adds more internal web services that a PB App can query / use. Here is then just one example of the PS Console at work ...

   The only tricky part of the coding for the PS Console App's RESTFul web service interaction was that the PS "DateTime" comes back with Time Zone data attached - which unfortunately, PB cannot handle. So I had to strip the TZ information off in order to import DT into a DWO's DT column type. However, PS's DT is GMT and thus the actual time is off compared to the PC's time. I will look into this deeper for the next release & try to compensate.

  I have also updated the framework to handle a PS Server / Network outage without crashing the PS running App. This allows the App User and/or Support team to see exactly what happened in a PB App failure when its related to PS2021 issue, Network failure, PS2021 not started, killed session, etc ( as in the above screen capture example ).

 You can download the PS2021 Console and OrderEntry Demo App for PB/PS2021 as follows:

PS Console:


  Enjoy ... please let me know what you think & any suggestions you might have for any improvements.  ;-)

Regards ... Chris