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Thursday, September 16, 2010

TopWiz Update

** Hot News **

Roland Smith of TopWiz recently updated the Winsock example on his website along with the examples that are based on it - EmailSMTP, PBChat and the new EmailPOP3.

The error handling in n_winsock was completely rewritten, most functions now return a boolean with True=Success or False=Failure and the MessageBox function calls have been removed. If an error happens, your code can call a new of_GetLastError method to get the error message text. It also has a new form of the of_Listen function that doesn't require a window handle.

The SMTP email object n_smtp has several new capabilities. The new of_AddAttachment function replaces of_AddFile and allows the developer tp attach blob variables in addition to files. Other new functions include of_AddCustomHeader and of_SetPriority.

The POP3 example can be used to download email from a mail server. It returns the email as a string that can be saved as a .eml file. Eventually, the plan is to add more functions to separate out the message body and attachments.

Enjoy .... Chris

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