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Monday, March 28, 2011

PBTV April, 2011

Upcoming webinars on PowerBuilderTV

Happy 1st birthday PowerBuilderTV - 1 year old on April.1, 2011!

Tuesday April 5th
at 12:00pm EST (New York) / 18:00 CET (Paris)

Carving Up Classic Client/Server Applications For .NET Deployment:
Using the New .NET Project Partitioning Feature
The March 12.1 PowerBuilder EBF contains a new tool and technology that enables you to overcome deployment issues that might impede .NET migration.  You might even be able to organize your code in a way that enables you to restore RAD development to its rightful position in PowerBuilder.NET deployment.
Yakov Werde, member of TeamSybase and a PowerBuilder MVP will walk you though the ins and outs of the new partitioning feature "by-example".  He'll demonstrate the proper use of the new tool that allows you to configure your deployment architecture.

Presenter: Yakov Werde

Thursday April 14th
at 11:00am EST (New York) / 17:00 CET (Paris)

Take your commercial applications to the next level

During this webcast, you will see how to evolve your commercial applications and win new clients:
secure your SaaS applications, make your application customizable by your clients, protect your source code against reverse engineering, and support multiple languages to open new markets.

Presenter: Christophe Dufourmantelle

Thursday April 21st
at 12:00pm EST (New York) / 18:00 CET (Paris)

PowerBuilder 12.5 Overview

The PowerBuilder 12.5 Beta will be available in April and this webcast will give you an overview of the new features included in this release.  Attendees will learn about features like WCF Services, deploying custom visual user objects (CVUOs) as .NET assemblies, DataWindow enhancements, and more.

Presenter: Dave Fish

Regards ... Chris

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