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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ASE 15.7 for Free

Get a free copy of Sybase ASE!

   You may not want to spend the money for a full production license of ASE, but you would like to run ASE for example, for the purposes of evaluation, development or preparing yourself for an ASE certification exam.

Step 1: download the base product
  To get a free copy, these are your options:
  • A free Express Edition of ASE 15.7 for Linux can be downloaded here. While the ASE Express Edition is limited to 1 server engine, 2 Gb of memory and 5 Gb of disk space per server, the great thing is that this edition is free for production purposes! (note: these limits apply to an individual ASE server instance, NOT to the hardware itself -- if you want, you can run multiple ASE Express Edition servers on a multi-CPU Linux box).
  • The free Developer's Edition for ASE 15.7 can be downloaded here and is available on all supported O/S platforms. This edition has most license options enabled, but it also has a pretty tight limit of 25 maximum user connections. The Developer's Edition may not be used for production purposes.

Step 2: download bug fixes (EBFs)
   For most platforms, you can download patches (EBFs) from the public Sybase website without having a Sybase support contract. Go here:, then click on "Maintenance Releases and Bug Fixes (EBFs)". It is a good idea to install the most recent patch every now and then so that you can benefit from bug fixes and new features.

Step 3: documentation
    Once you have the ASE software, you'll also need the documentation. Follow this link for information where to get ASE documentation.


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  1. So I installed the free linux version but it seems in order to connect to it you need the Open Client C libs and or ODBC drivers which you can only get when you buy the SDK?