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Thursday, May 3, 2012


** Hot News **

    PbTools is a PowerBuilder Application that includes some useful applications for PowerBuilder from version 5 to 12.5 and is written by Murat Yelkovan. A new version of the PBTools utility has just been released this month! The new build (#75) and its predecessors contain some great features for the PB developer, for example:

Grid Datawindow
  • You can list all datawindows in your application and change header band colors with one click.
  •   You can compare two libraries or targets to check if they have same objects.
Duplicate Object
  • Search for duplicate objects in your application.
Global Replace
  • You can replace one text with new one in your project.
You can analyze your project and see all sqls. This application will calculate which database permissions are needed to run this application.

 All this and much more! Download this free utility now by following this link:  PBTools.


Regards ... Chris

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Chris. Build 85 is ready to download.
    Murat Yelkovan