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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New SAP RoadMaps

** Hot News **

  Webinar Series on Roadmaps for PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner, and ASE

    SAP are very pleased to announce a new webinar series designed to provide you the latest information on the roadmaps for PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner, and ASE. Each webinar will focus on a single solution.

    These webinars are being made available through SAP's Partner Enablement infrastructure but are available to everyone. I have attached the link to register for the PowerBuilder session to this post, and the registration links for the other sessions are included in the text of the invitation below. Please note that you will need to create a password as you register for this session. We look forward to your participation in these webinars!

   Please register to attend the upcoming webinar series focused on technical enablement for the SAP Real Time Data Platform portfolio of products. These 60 minute sessions are best suited for consultants, developers, pre-sales and other technical specialists, and each will be focused on one of three products; SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), SAP Sybase PowerDesigner and SAP Sybase PowerBuilder.

In order to register for a given product webinar, select  any of the links below and complete the registration form.When you have registered once, the system can automatically carry forward your personal information to the next registration.

September 20 - SAP Sybase PowerDesigner  

September 27 - SAP Sybase PowerBuilder  

October 4 - SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)  

    With the combined portfolio of SAP and Sybase, SAP has become a major force in the Database & Technology market and is rapidly growing its customer base. Understanding the role of each solution within the overall SAP vision for this market is essential for making the right decision for your IT landscape, and ensuring you have the technical skills needed for the future.
   Join these sessions to understand where and how to incorporate these products into your future IT plans. Gain confidence in the future viability for applications that currently use these products, and how you can and should use them with other SAP solutions and legacy Sybase solutions.

• Overview of SAP’s Real Time Data Platform
• The role of the product within the SAP Real Time Data Platform
• Technical discussion of the product roadmap, highlighting future enhancements
• Recommended next steps for exploring and developing product skills
• Q&A

Regards ... Chris

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