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Thursday, January 31, 2013

PowerBuilder TV - March 2013

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Presentations for March 2013 ....

Is the DataWindow Just For Displaying Rows and Columns? … Are You Sure?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
9:00am PST (Los Angeles) / 17:00 CET (Paris)

(Please note time/date change: the original date of February 19th has been pushed back to March 12th, this has also affected the time in different zones due to Daylight Savings)

DataWindows are mostly used for displaying data in different kinds of presentation styles like grid, tabular, tree view etc. The DataWindow also has another great property: displaying shapes like rectangles, circles, etc. Moreover, these shapes can be created at runtime.

In this presentation, Sonat Karakas of Turkcell will talk about creating shapes in a DataWindow, creating them dynamically and techniques for storing them in a database. At the end of the presentation, he will move up a notch by looking at displaying a server rack, showing its slots and painting them in different colors according to their usage status.

Presenter: Sonat Karakas

Regards ... Chris

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