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Thursday, April 18, 2013

PB 12.5.2 - Major Toolbar Problem

** Hot News **

PowerBuilder 12.5.2 Release

Major Problem

Hi Everyone;

   I would not rush to install PB 12.5.2 (build 5006). 

   As soon as you do - all your custom toolbar settings are killed and you can not get the mappings back! This includes both the InfoMaker and PowerBuilder IDE's

For example, when you add a new icon (built-in or custom) - the InfoMaker or PowerBuilder 12.5.2 main power-bar will shrink to just the EXIT door. Try as you may, the toolbar can not be customized any further! It will show the new toolbar setting properly in the customization dialog's preview area - but, never render on the IDE properly when you exit the toolbar customization dialog.

  Selecting the "Reset" option in the toolbar customization dialog does reset the preview area properly - but again,  when you exit the customization dialog main power-bar is still all messed up.

  The only way out of this predicament is to enter the toolbar customization dialog and then select the "Clear" button, then select OK. This wipes out the Power-Bar on the IDE as it then disappears. However, if you close the IM or PB IDE and then restart it - the default Power-Bar comes back! Of course, as soon as you star any toolbar modification again, you are thrust back into the same dilemma (a catch-22 situation).

=> I do not think though that this negative toolbar behaviour will bode well with IM / PB developers or trial users!  

** ERRATA - MS-Windows XP **

PB 12.5.2 will not install what-so-ever on MS-Windows XP SP03 and will always error out as follows ...

Note: tested the above now on 4 PC's (W7 32 & 64 bit + 2 x XP PC's)

Regards ... Chris


  1. Does this affect the Appeon Toolbar?

  2. Hi L;

    No problems that I can see! :-)

    I just tested 12.5.2 with Appeon Web & Appeon Mobile (aka Appeon 2013) and the applications all behave the same as from 12.5.1. That makes sense though as Appeon translates all your PB objects into pure Java or C#, plus XML & HTML making the entire PBVM unnecessary.

    Regards ... Chris

  3. Hi
    Did you ever get a solution for this ? - I am just hitting this issue now on an install of 12.5 - need to get to the option to allow inner joins - that I can only see as an icon to add on the toolbar - doing so cuts the toolbar to a single item.

    1. Hi;

      I don't use v12.5.2. I'm using versions 12.1, 12.5.1 & 12.6. However, I thought I heard that SAP developed a fix in one of the v12.5.2 EBF's.

    2. I had to do the same for my users. What I did is added the Query Governor icon as the LAST ICON to the toolbar. This breaks the toolbar, but the only icon on there is the governor. Then I make my selection for the outer joins and such, Clear toolbar as per instructions above and restart InfoMaker